29 December 2012
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5 Reasons to Use Minimalist WordPress Themes

A minimalist WordPress theme is one that does not have lots of fancy features or design elements. There are some good reasons to choose this type of theme for your WordPress blog. While it can be tempting to go with a more elaborate theme, a minimalist theme often makes it easier for your content to […]

16 December 2012
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eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme

eStore eCommerce is a popular WordPress theme put out by Elegant Themes. It’s a theme that is made for people who want a good theme to make their e-commerce site look great and operate as smoothly as possible. In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at this theme to help you decide if […]

7 December 2012
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Recommended WordPress Pinterest Theme

You probably had heard about Pinterest, the visual bookmarking social site that has taken over the world by storm. If you have not, well, it’s a virtual pin board where users pin images on various themed boards. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for girly stuff like fashion and home decor. True, it’s where […]

3 December 2012
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Elegant Themes Origin WordPress Theme

Less than $1 per year for a theme! Can you find a better deal than this? On top of this, the themes are beautifully designed and packed with awesome features! At the risk of sounding like a salesperson pushing sales, I’m absolutely amazed with how Nick of Elegant Themes is able to come out with […]

19 November 2012
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What to look for when Choosing a WordPress Theme

When building a WordPress site, your first major consideration is choosing a good WordPress theme. The right theme is what gets your new blog off to a great start. You want a theme that not only looks good but that is easy to work with. It must have all the features you are going to […]

10 November 2012
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5 Reasons You Should Not Use Free WordPress Themes

If you’re like most WordPress bloggers, you appreciate the fact that you have access to all the amazing free features of this blogging platform. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to install a WordPress site and start broadcasting your blog posts across the planet. Yet there are some compelling reasons why you should invest at […]

31 October 2012
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5 WordPress Sales Page Themes

WordPress makes it easy to setup your own online store, and the biggest challenge now facing online merchants is converting visitors into paying customers. Since the first product was sold online, merchants have had a love-hate relationship with sales pages. Some thrive on them, enjoying nothing more than spending hours carefully crafting their sales message, […]

10 October 2012
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Best Minimal ThemeForest WordPress Themes

Minimal themes have taken WordPress and other blogging CMS by storm. Designed to provide simplicity, these themes follow the same principles as minimalism in art and music. Minimalist themes work on the idea that “less is more” and endeavor to present a website that is as uncluttered as possible. Today’s internet contains many colorful and […]

6 October 2012
Building Website
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5 Next Steps for Website Success

Last week, we talked about how you can plan and design a successful website in five easy steps. This week, I’m going to tell you what you can do next once your website is set up to attract visitors, and develop your site to maximize its chances of becoming successful. The steps I talked about […]

27 September 2012
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How to Plan and Design a Successful Website in 5 Easy Steps

Planning and designing a successful website can feel like a long and complicated process if you’ve never done it before. If you’re just beginning your journey as a website owner, it might seem like it’s going to be a long time before you have a fully functional website. If you know what you’re doing, however, […]