31 March 2013
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Why you should not use Free WordPress Themes

When you are starting a new WordPress blog, one of the first choices you have to make is which theme to use. This is something you should do before you set up your blog. If you simply keep the default theme and change it later, it may affect the way the whole blog looks. There […]

10 November 2012
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5 Reasons You Should Not Use Free WordPress Themes

If you’re like most WordPress bloggers, you appreciate the fact that you have access to all the amazing free features of this blogging platform. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to install a WordPress site and start broadcasting your blog posts across the planet. Yet there are some compelling reasons why you should invest at […]

24 March 2012
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15 Awesome Under Construction WordPress Themes

Don’t just wait for your website to be launched to go online. Let visitors have a “sneak preview” when they arrive at your website by using a cool “under construction” WordPress theme. Build some excitement and let them countdown to the launch of your website! On top of that, there will be some point in […]

5 March 2012
Free Themes
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Top 10 Free Magazine WordPress Themes

Since its inception in 1998, WordPress has evolved from being an open source blogging software to become a free content management system (CMS). And thus, there is more and more demand for free WordPress themes as well as premium themes that portray professionalism and at the same time, provides flexibility for customization. One such theme […]

19 November 2011
Free Themes
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20 Cool Free WordPress Themes

Looking for free WordPress Themes? The year 2011 is coming to an end and 2012 is just a few months away. It is about time that you change your blog theme or update it to the latest versions. The best part of all is that you don’t even have to fork out anything to have […]

18 August 2011
Elegant Themes
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Feather – Elegant Themes Review

Anyone of us who have visited a shopping mall and invariably ended up making unnecessary purchases are all unknowing victims of retail psychology. From the signs at the entrance (almost always red/yellow in color) to the items on display, each and every detail have been meticulously planned with only a single purpose in mind; to […]