16 December 2012
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eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme

eStore eCommerce is a popular WordPress theme put out by Elegant Themes. It’s a theme that is made for people who want a good theme to make their e-commerce site look great and operate as smoothly as possible. In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at this theme to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Who is Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a company that makes a variety of attractively designed WordPress themes. You can see their work on their website Elegantthemes.com.

  • Elegant & classy themes

    As their name implies, they give their themes an elegant, classy look that stands out in a positive way compared to free themes, and other paid themes.

  • 87 themes for a single price

    They offer a deal where you can order all of their themes for a single price of $69 only. As of the time of writing, they offer a total of 87 themes for this price!

    While you may only need a single theme right now, this is a fantastic deal for anyone who is thinking of building multiple websites in the future. You will not have to purchase another premium theme ever again, as you’ll have them stored on your computer.

  • Constantly updated themes

    There are some real advantages to buying Elegant Themes. They constantly update their themes, so you never have to worry about your theme becoming outdated (as you do with free themes).

  • 100% compatible with all major browsers

    They also guarantee that their themes are compatible with all major web browsers. So, whether your visitors are surfing with Google Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari, they’ll be able to navigate your site with ease.

  • High security

    Elegant themes is very strong in the area of security as well. They are W3C compliant, and security updates are done frequently. When you have an e-commerce site, security is a major issue. You want your website, as well as the personal details of your customers to be completely safe.

  • Great support

    Elegant Themes also offers complete support for eStore and all of their other themes. So if you are ever stuck on a certain issue or need advice, you can always reach someone for an answer.

Main features of eStore theme

eStore theme

eStore is a theme that is easy for most WordPress users to work with. It has several features that make it very useful for anyone with an e-commerce site.

Let’s check out the main features of this WordPress theme which I really like.

  1. It’s Compatible With Popular e-Commerce Plugins

    While eStore does not offer a shopping cart of its won, it does come pre-integrated with the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart as well as eShop, so it’s easy to set up your online store’s shopping cart.

  2. Choice of Colors

    You have a choice of 5 color schemes to choose from when you set up eStore. The default color is black, and you can change it to red, blue, silver or green if you prefer.

  3. Slider Effect

    The eStore theme has a nice slider feature that alternately highlights a large photo and 3 smaller ones. This gives your site a modern and trendy look, and immediately signals to your visitors that your site is professionally designed. This is very good for online stores that sell clothing or anything hip and contemporary.

  4. Widgets and Other Options

    The eStore theme allows you to set up widgets on your sidebars to help you customize the site. For example, you can insert AdSense or your own ads or banners in the sidebar if you want additional ways to monetize your site.

Oh, you can also use shortcodes to easily add features to your site, such as slideshows, large or small buttons, social media icons, testimonials or many other options. These shortcodes are really great in making your blog post attractive and highlight certain paragraphs or text. The button shortcodes are excellent for call-to-actions!

Why I like the eStore WordPress theme

There are lots of e-commerce themes to choose from, including some free ones. The problem with using a free theme, however, is that your site will not have a distinctive or original look. Elegant Themes has created a very appealing theme with eStore that will give your site an appearance that’s eye-catching and professional.

The choices you have for colors, widgets and templates allow you to customize your store to your own needs. I have started several different online stores selling a variety of products and found that eStore could be tailored to suit all of them.

eStore is also attractively priced for a premium theme. While you can find themes that are cheaper than $69, in this case you have to remember that you’re getting a large number of themes for this price! This is a theme that’s great value for money!

There are a couple of drawbacks to eStore, but in my opinion they aren’t significant enough to offset the benefits. It’s true, for example, that the theme does not include a shopping cart. However, the simple integration with popular shopping cart plugins makes this a minor issue.

You might wish that they’d sell eStore by itself, but that’s not the way they’ve elected to do things. There’s a good chance you’ll want other themes down the road, so it’s nice to have 87+ themes you can use when you want.

Why eStore is Worth Checking Out

If you want to create an e-commerce site on your WordPress blog, you should give plenty of thought to the theme you use. Your visitors are going to notice the overall look of your site before they even start to browse your products. Elegant Themes puts out themes that will make the right kind of impression.

eStore is also a theme that’s easy to work with and customize. It gives you the ability to make your store distinctive and to create the look and layout you want. When you sign up with Elegant Themes, you’re also getting a whole set of themes and guaranteed updates and support.

To find out more about eStore, visit Elegant Themes’ official website.

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