17 June 2014
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Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Which social media do you think consumers are most attached to? While most of us may correctly name Facebook as the number one brand, we may underestimate just how high Pinterest ranked. The numerous studies and surveys conducted in the US by the likes of Pew Research Center and UTA Brand Studio, have found that […]

18 February 2014
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10 best e-commerce WordPress themes for 2014

If you’re starting or already running an e-commerce site, WordPress can provide you with a convenient way to manage it. There are many WordPress themes that are designed especially for this purpose. There are both free and premium themes made for e-commerce sites, so you should be able to find the perfect theme that fits […]

7 November 2013
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20 high quality free WordPress themes designed by Automattic

When it comes to WordPress themes, the last thing you need to worry about is the lack of choice. There are plenty of WordPress themes easily available that the only challenge you have is trying to decide which theme to select for your website. From free to premium and from personal blogs to online businesses […]

31 March 2013
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Why you should not use Free WordPress Themes

When you are starting a new WordPress blog, one of the first choices you have to make is which theme to use. This is something you should do before you set up your blog. If you simply keep the default theme and change it later, it may affect the way the whole blog looks. There […]

7 December 2012
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Recommended WordPress Pinterest Theme

You probably had heard about Pinterest, the visual bookmarking social site that has taken over the world by storm. If you have not, well, it’s a virtual pin board where users pin images on various themed boards. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for girly stuff like fashion and home decor. True, it’s where […]

10 October 2012
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Best Minimal ThemeForest WordPress Themes

Minimal themes have taken WordPress and other blogging CMS by storm. Designed to provide simplicity, these themes follow the same principles as minimalism in art and music. Minimalist themes work on the idea that “less is more” and endeavor to present a website that is as uncluttered as possible. Today’s internet contains many colorful and […]

20 September 2012
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5 Best Red WordPress Themes

Colors had always played an important part in our everyday lives as can be seen in how colorful medieval clothing was. In more recent years, it was proven that colors can also affect a person’s mood and appearance. Take for example, black demands authority (think Batman) while white symbolizes innocence and purity (imagine a bride’s […]

4 September 2012
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Top 10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

Magazine/news style websites are fast gaining popularity in recent years. Many of such websites owners found that these type of themes provide a great way to share information and images while maintaining a professional look. What are Magazine Themes Usually, magazine themes are powerful and have attractive display features. They generally: have customizable sliders, image […]

27 July 2012
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10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Times have changed – people are not just surfing the Internet on a laptop or a desktop computer. While they may do so at home or at work, out comes the tablet or smartphone whenever they are out and about. Smartphone and tablets are everywhere; you can see people taking photographs with their (huge) tablets […]

14 July 2012
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Best Premium E-Commerce WordPress Themes

It’s not easy finding a good WordPress theme for your blog that you really like. Whenever I want to change the theme for my blog, I spend a great deal of time looking for one that really suits what I want the blog to represent yet having the features I want. Running an e-commerce blog, […]