14 July 2012
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Best Premium E-Commerce WordPress Themes

It’s not easy finding a good WordPress theme for your blog that you really like. Whenever I want to change the theme for my blog, I spend a great deal of time looking for one that really suits what I want the blog to represent yet having the features I want.

Running an e-commerce blog, it isn’t always easy to find a theme that supports the tools and plugins that I want to use. As a result of the hours of searching, researching and selecting, I found that Elegant Themes has a collection of some of my favorite themes, as well as sites such as Themeforest and WooThemes.

To save you time and effort, I am sharing with you the best premium e-commerce WordPress themes that I have found and am either currently using or have used for my blog.

10 Best Premium E-Commerce WordPress Themes

  1. eStore

    eStore theme

    eStore is an e-commerce theme from Elegant Themes and is perfect for those who rely on images to capture the attention of the site visitors. eStore is my personal favorite simply for the images that appear alternatingly every now and then at the top of the site. You can attach labels to those images, just as the theme preview which attached a price tag to the items showcased.

    Under the images are smaller still images, also with price tags and more details under each picture. The theme is attractive and is ideal for fashion blogshops, accessories and pretty knick-knacks!

    This theme supports two ecommerce plugins out of the box, eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart. These plugins enhances the capability of this theme with professional shopping cart features.

  2. Shelflife

    Wordpress E-commerce theme

    Keeping a plain and simple look is Shelflife from Woo Themes. The background is white, creating a clean and clutter-free look.

    If you constantly have new products coming in, make use of this theme to display the image of the “featured product” on the homepage along with “popular products”. Of course, scroll further below to add more images of your other products.

    Shelflife is ideal for clothing stores due to the constant arrival of new fashion and designs. If you are running an online fashion store, apparel shop or fashion blogshop, I would strongly recommend this theme for you. I am sure this theme will be very effective in increasing conversions!

  3. Propulsion


    I have a weakness for graphically-enticing themes. In Propulsion, the main image unfolds in a dramatic manner, just like an effect that you would see in a PowerPoint presentation!

    If you are a photographer with splendid photos to share, use Propulsion to “tease” your visitors and make them wait for the image to display. The theme isn’t that fancy if you are worried about being too elaborate; the other images/products are displayed neatly at the bottom of the page.

    This theme is available on ThemeForest. Check out this e-commerce theme now, I am sure it will catch your attention!

  4. Boutique

    Online boutique theme

    This is another great theme from Elegant Themes. As the name suggests, the Boutique WordPress theme is ideal for websites selling fashion items, apparels and accessories. Actually, any business can use the theme but it’s just that the colors and layout fits a fashion shop the most.

    Insert images of your best-looking products in the image slider at the top, followed by smaller images of all your other products. Attach the price tag to each item before writing a description of it, which readers can simply click on the “Info” button or on the “Cart” to purchase right away.

  5. Whitelight Commerce Child

    Whitelight theme

    What happens if you have had a website but it wasn’t an e-commerce site and you now want to turn it into an online store? No problem. You don’t have to build a new website or anything like that but simply, use the Whitelight theme!

    The Whitelight theme is a WooCommerce theme, a product from the popular WooThemes’ collection. Quality and support are guaranteed to be top notch. The theme comes bundled with features that would assist in your online business.

    There are various widgets and features to help you with admin and reporting, shipping, orders, marketing and promotions, inventory and payment gateways. Managing an online business wouldn’t be a headache especially for someone who is new to the concept.

  6. FreshShop

    FreshShop theme

    The website preview shows a collection of furniture but of course, the theme is great for any business as long as you have good images to share. The menu to the website is placed neatly at the top, making it easy for site visitors to navigate around the website. Beneath the main image at the top is a collection of other products complete with the price tag and description.

    You can find this great theme on ThemeForest. Using this e-commerce theme, you can also easily feature a blog where your shoppers can connect with you on a more personal level.

  7. Kauri

    Kauri theme

    This is one of the few WordPress themes that gives you the choice of using either the WooCommerce or the WP Commerce plugins.

    It is just a matter of preference but I personally favor the WooCommerce version due to its extensive e-commerce features and shopping cart facility. If you want to showcase as many images as possible in the image slider, then you should use Kauri. This is because it allows three mini-images per picture, so your site visitors will get the opportunity to see as many images as possible.

  8. Mazine

    Mazine theme

    I like the way the image unfurls in Mazine; the image unravels in a mosaic-like design. This is definitely eye-catching and also gives the impression of class, quality and exclusivity. As such, this WordPress theme is best for luxury products or just anything that you want to deliver an impression as mentioned above.

    The theme isn’t just pretty; it is very functional and has a great shopping cart system. Beneath the beautiful sliding image is a row of categories which you can click the left and right buttons to view more categories too. The layout is neat and artistic, making it also ideal for interior designers to showcase their portfolio. Read more about this theme and check out the preview on ThemeForest.

  9. Kassyopea

    Kassyopea theme

    Once again, there are two options to choose from but this time, it is either the e-commerce version or the corporate/portfolio version. It very much depends on whether you want to use your website as an online store or keep it as an official and corporate site.

    Since I am reviewing online store themes, I chose the e-commerce version and found that the layout is very neat and systematic. Images are arranged neatly in rows with the price and a link to further details underneath. Just like the preview suggests, the theme works best for stores that sell gadgets and other technology accessories.

  10. Handmade

    Handmade WordPress theme

    Handmade is perfect for a website selling cakes and confectionery, for a super huge image greets site visitors as they land on the page. Capture the interest of your visitors with a picture that would make them drool and of course, subsequently purchase!

    You can insert smaller images of your other products too in this theme that is designed to represent all things cute and girly. As soon as anyone falls in love with your items, they can click on the “Add to cart” button and proceed to checkout. This is another great e-commerce theme which is available on ThemeForest.

Simplicity WooCommerce

Simplicity WooThemes

I stumbled upon this theme at the very last minute and thought that it is worth a mention too. Simplicity was already popular with business owners before it became enriched with e-commerce features and became even more popular with online store owners. It isn’t hard to see why. Images are arranged neatly allowing visitors to view them easily and on the right hand side are categories and shopping cart to simplify the browsing and purchasing process.

Of all the above, eStore and Mazine are my favorites. I always believe that captivating graphics are the key to getting site visitors’ attention and making them stay for a while on the site, so that is the reason why I have fallen in love with both eStore and Mazine.

If presentation isn’t as important to you as it is for myself, then choose one of the other themes above which strikes your fancy!

If you have an online store or blogshop, choose from one of the themes above that come with e-commerce features. They will certainly be helpful in managing your store. Else opt for one of the eye-catching themes that will showcase your collection at its best. Whichever theme you choose, you can be sure that it would be a good choice because I have tested and tried the above themes, and I only recommend the best themes!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think there’s a great selection of themes here I’m hoping I’ll be able to tweak the boutique theme for a site I’m working on, using my own e-commerce software. I think it’s sucha a nice clean and tidy theme. Thanks for sharing, Sarah.