27 July 2012
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10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes

Times have changed – people are not just surfing the Internet on a laptop or a desktop computer. While they may do so at home or at work, out comes the tablet or smartphone whenever they are out and about. Smartphone and tablets are everywhere; you can see people taking photographs with their (huge) tablets at concerts or at the malls. As such, wouldn’t you want to reach these smartphone users or tablet-toting people?

Why responsive WordPress themes?

How are these people different that I need to reach out to them specifically, you may ask? There isn’t anything strange about them but rather, did you know that some websites do not display well on some tablets or smartphones? This is because the website was built for a larger screen and as such, fails to display properly when viewed on a smaller device.

You have most likely experienced this yourself: You receive an email with an image but it doesn’t display. Instead, there is a link with which you can view the image in a browser. This is just an example of an old-fashioned display which annoys most people. You could even lose customers if these people don’t bother checking out that alternative links (personally, I don’t bother myself)!

10 best responsive WordPress themes

So now that you know why responsive themes are important, you need to go and search for one to replace your current one. There are quite a number around as people have started to realize the importance of having themes that fit devices of every size and shape, but getting a good theme takes some homework.

Luckily, we have done the theme searching and review for you. Below are 10 best responsive WordPress themes.

  1. DailyJournal

    DailyJournal responsive theme

    DailyJournal is great especially for bloggers. The layout is neat with snippets of each article arranged one after another on “lined paper”, truly giving a feel of thoughts and secrets penned in a logbook. Unlike most sites where the menu is placed at the top, DailyJournal’s are placed on the top left corner. On the other hand are links and categories on the right-hand side, allowing users easy search and navigation.

  2. Olya

    Olya theme

    Olya prides itself on being a colorful, versatile business portfolio theme. It is indeed one of the best business themes around as there is a contact page, custom team archive and of course, a portfolio section for you to share your best works.

    In fact, just as visitors arrive on your site, they will be greeted of a large image slider which you can make full use of to showcase your best images.

  3. Zig Zag

    ZigZag theme

    Zig Zag is a very cute-looking theme set on a background of grid paper, the kind that you used to write your sums in during your high school days. An image slider greets visitors at the top of the home page, which upon scrolling down lower will take you to anything from the team’s profiles, company info or just any piece of news that you want to share with your site visitors.

    This is very nicely done responsive WordPress theme by a very talented designer. Do check out this theme!

  4. Clean

    ZigZag theme

    The theme is as clean as its name. Set against a white background, the theme looks simple and neat. A simple rectangular image slider sits right at the top of the home page, and below you will find snippets to the articles. Each snippet comes complete with an image, under which there is a link to its category, author’s profile and comments. The layout of the snippets is attractive as each is allocated a longish column.

  5. Evolution

    Evolution WP theme

    From Elegant Theme’s collection, Evolution is fuss-free and easy for site visitors to navigate. This theme would be ideal for business websites and not so much for blogs, as there is only a small section for blog snippets. Just as shown in the live demo, there is a company profile at the bottom, which you can use to post information about your company.

  6. Angular

    Angular WP theme

    Angular is a portfolio theme that is perfect for those who sell several categories of items on their websites. For instance, a business selling women’s clothing, accessories and shoes will find this site great to post a collection of their product images in a captivating way to get people’s attention.

    This site is all about images and less of words, so Angular works well if you rely on images to grab attention.

  7. Reveal

    Reveal WordPress theme

    Another portfolio theme is Reveal, which has a similar layout to Angular. What differs Reveal to Angular is that Angular has a more casual feel, which is suitable for blog shops while Reveal is more formal and works better for photographers or designers. If you just want to let your pictures do the talking, then Reveal would be prefect for you.

    This is one of my personal favorite responsive WordPress theme!

  8. Simpler

    Simpler WordPress theme

    Simpler offers website owners the best of both worlds – a portfolio theme with room for post snippets. If you think pictures aren’t enough and need to be supplemented with articles to deliver tips, details or perhaps to give a more personal touch, then you should consider Simpler. This theme is elegant, beautiful and responsive!

  9. Aware

    Aware theme

    Aware is an ultra responsive online portfolio theme.

    Aware is slightly less focus on images as compared to the other themes mentioned above. Thumbnails for the selected images are of smaller size but that is ok because there is a section for blog posts beneath. Each post comes complete with an image to tempt readers into reading more. The theme is pretty functional too as you can add various shortcuts and links at the bottom of the theme.

  10. Infinity

    Infinity theme

    Keep It Simple and Sweet” – that is probably the best description for Infinity.

    Neat rows of thumbnails are used to convince your site visitors of your portfolio. It is good to know that the theme is very responsive, in the sense that the thumbnail changes when you mouse over it. If you need to add a little info of yourself or even feature your tweets at the website, you can do so too. Functional yet responsive portfolio theme.

Of all the 10 themes listed above, my favorites are DailyJournal and Evolution. It can be said that both target different groups of web owners, DailyJournal being more of a blog and Evolution being a business theme. Therefore, I switch between these whenever I want to change the feel of my website. Both are easy-to-use, look great and are highly functional.

If you agree with me and decide to get either of the DailyJournal and Evolution, I strongly suggest that you purchase all 77 themes from Elegant Themes at $39. Why not do so since the price of 2 themes alone comes close to that amount?

At $39 only, you are entitled to the entire collection of Elegant Themes, which is great as you would want to change the theme of your site someday. New themes are added every now and then as well, so if you have liked DailyJournal and Evolution, I am quite sure that you will like the other Elegant Themes too.

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