10 October 2012
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Best Minimal ThemeForest WordPress Themes

Minimal themes have taken WordPress and other blogging CMS by storm. Designed to provide simplicity, these themes follow the same principles as minimalism in art and music. Minimalist themes work on the idea that “less is more” and endeavor to present a website that is as uncluttered as possible.

Minimal WP Themes

Today’s internet contains many colorful and feature-rich websites that can leave readers feeling overwhelmed. While these websites can be interesting to view, the sheer amount of content and imagery can be distracting. Minimalism aims to remove any and all parts of a website that don’t have a function or purpose, and break the design down to its barest elements. These themes manage to strike a balance between providing only the necessary elements of a website, and do so in such a way that the site itself looks clean, without looking boring.

Minimalist designs are on-trend right now and can be used by any kind of website. Artists find minimalist themes useful for showcasing their work and businesses find them helpful for displaying only the necessary amount of information and providing their site with a distinctive look. You can also use minimalist themes to showcase certain products or services.

10 Best Minimal WordPress Themes From ThemeForest

To show you what a minimal theme looks like and give you some ideas of the type of theme you could use for your own website, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best minimal WordPress themes from popular theme site ThemeForest:

  1. Shutter

    Elegant photography theme

    Shutter is a stunning full-screen photography theme. Although this theme is designed to showcase photos but the design is rather simple, thus qualifying to classy it as a minimal theme too. Providing an online gallery for photographs, this theme is designed to focus solely on the images themselves and successfully makes them the focus of the page. As a responsive theme, Shutter also works perfectly on mobile devices.

  2. Aviance

    Creative business theme

    Aviance is a Minimal WordPress theme that comes with a variety of functions. You can make use of the 17 custom shortcodes and five custom widgets. With six different homepage sliders and cross-browser compatibility, Aviance is ideal for creative business websites.

  3. Dandelion

    Minimal WordPress theme

    Dandelion is a flexible minimal WordPress theme that provides you with the space and style to present products, create a portfolio, or simply make a website about yourself that will present you in the best light. The theme comes with unlimited skins, so you can create whatever color scheme you want. The theme’s admin settings allow you to customize the theme and make changes without having to know any code. This theme is really easy to setup and customize.

    Like this theme? Check out the preview here!

  4. Aries

    Responsive business WordPress theme

    Aries is a flexible WordPress template that can be used for personal blogs, business sites or portfolios. It works using a drag-and-drop page builder so you don’t have to know any code in order to create the minimalist website you want. The theme comes with seven templates and seven custom widgets. Purchasing Aries! also provides you with support on the United Themes Forum.

  5. Striking

    Striking theme

    Striking is a popular minimal WordPress theme that comes with all the features and benefits you could possibly need. SEO optimized, with shortcodes, over 700 custom fonts, unlimited colors and various widget and slider options, this theme provides more than you expect. You also get full support from the developers and other users through the website’s support forums.

  6. Daisho

    Daisho WordPress theme

    Daisho is a minimal theme that is designed for showcasing portfolios. Perfect for professionals and creatives looking for a smooth, elegant appearance, this theme offers a multitude of features, including a portfolio display with a category filter, HTML 5 video slides, the capacity to present different formats as part of a portfolio and responsive behaviors.

  7. Minim

    Minimal theme

    Minim is a professional-looking minimal WordPress theme that offers viewers a clean, simple, yet elegant interface. Designed for businesses that need both a blog and a portfolio, Minim allows you to choose the style of portfolio you want to display and to take advantage of the theme’s helpful shortcodes.

    Check out the theme’s preview here!

  8. Backbone

    Clean business theme

    Backbone is a responsive minimal WordPress theme that translates well onto mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Designed for business users wanting to showcase their work, Backbone is easy to use and easy to customize too. The theme comes with unlimited color options, an unlimited sidebar, eight custom widgets, different layout options, and different post formats.

  9. Morphis

    Fully responsive design

    Morphis is an atmospheric, minimal and fully responsive WordPress theme. Choose from light and dark versions of the design, different portfolio layout variations, and different blog template variations. The Theme Options Panel is easy to use and you can select from 10 different post formats.

    If you are looking for a minimal WordPress theme which is unique, you have to check this theme out. Trust me, the design is none you have ever seen before!

  10. Classica

    Minimalistic WordPress theme

    Classica is a minimalistic portfolio theme that is ideal for bringing attention to your work. The theme is flexible so you can customize it in the way that you want. Developed to act like a blank canvas on which artists, musicians and writers can create the website they want, this beautiful theme helps you present your work in a professional manner.

Who is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is an online premium WordPress theme marketplace, where developers can showcase and sell their themes. Users who purchase their themes can rate them out of five and leave feedback so that other users can see which themes provide better functionality and better value for money. I myself like these “rating” and “feedback” features a lot, as I always check these before deciding want to buy a theme or not!


Developers can sell themes on ThemeForest for anything between $1 and up to $90. As well as WordPress themes, developers can also sell other portions of code, for example widgets that create a landing page for unfinished websites and custom 404 pages.

The ThemeForest theme I most recommend out of the list above is Minim Theme. This is an elegant and highly professional theme that can showcase your products and services but still offers a lot more customization than most other themes on the market. If you are looking for a minimalist theme, do check out my recommendation.

How to Purchase Themes from ThemeForest

ThemeForest is one of the most popular marketplace which is frequented by both theme designers and people looking for great themes. To purchase a theme, click on the “Purchase” button next to the price. You can either pay for your theme using PayPal or using prepaid deposits.

Purchase from ThemeForest

ThemeForest is a huge marketplace that makes purchasing themes simple and efficient. Although rival marketplaces and premium WordPress theme producers exist, few can compete with ThemeForest in terms of choice and value for money.

Again, one of the rewarding features of ThemeForest that I’ve certainly found useful is the user ratings and comments. I can install themes with confidence knowing that other people have found them helpful!


ThemeForest is a great place to look for a new minimal WordPress theme. With plenty to choose from, you’ll have everything you need to make the right decision for your website. Remember to check user reviews and ratings for each theme to ensure it’s as good in practice as it looks on paper. To save you time, you can start with the 10 shortlisted ones above.

Once you’ve found the right theme, you can look forward to a brand new de-cluttered website with any of these clean WordPress themes!

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