31 October 2012
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5 WordPress Sales Page Themes

WordPress makes it easy to setup your own online store, and the biggest challenge now facing online merchants is converting visitors into paying customers.

Since the first product was sold online, merchants have had a love-hate relationship with sales pages. Some thrive on them, enjoying nothing more than spending hours carefully crafting their sales message, while others dread writing them and will avoid them for as long as possible.

When you read about sales pages, you’ll often find a lot of resources that focus on the content of sales pages. This is only half the story, however, as the appearance of your sales page will also have a huge impact on potential customers.

Several experienced designers have recognized the importance of a sales pages’ layout and appearance. To that end, they’ve created some good themes that are designed to make your sales page more effective, leading to a higher conversion rate. A WordPress sales page theme won’t write the content for you, but having the template and visual structure will make creating the copy for the page much easier!

The sales page template market is crowded so finding the WordPress sales page template that is right for you can be tricky. I’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress sales page themes, and where to find them.

  1. Optimize

    Optimize WordPress theme

    Optimize lives up to its name in two ways: you can customize products to showcase on your landing page, and the theme helps you optimize your page for search results. This theme is designed for flexibility, and therefore you can customize just about everything you might want on your site. This includes the layout, the homepage, post types, widgets and the style of your website.

    Optimize gives you the chance to create a “Featured Area”, which is a hand-picked selection of your products you want to draw visitors’ attention to. The theme also offers the option to have an integrated lightbox and an integrated portfolio.

    The theme comes with 23 ready-made styles and you can also choose your own color palette to match your company branding.

    The standard stand-alone version of Optimize costs $70. The developer, WooThemes, also offers a total membership option that gives you access to all 82 of their themes. Depending on your requirements, this costs either $20 or $25 monthly, plus a setup fee.

    Ideal if:
    You want a theme that will fit your company’s branding, give you complete control over the appearance and content, and help you sell physical, rather than just digital products.

  2. Premise

    Premise sales page

    Premise is a sophisticated theme that allows you to create landing pages and membership sites. It’s designed to help website owners create and customize their landing pages, sales pages and more without knowing any coding. Features of the site like the color palette, fonts and style are all fully customizable without having to enter a single HTML or CSS command!

    Premise is created by online copywriting experts Copyblogger and, as such, you get a range of free tutorials and resources with your Premise purchase. In addition, the theme allows you to conduct split testing using the WordPress CMS and optimize your landing page for search results.

    Premise doesn’t come cheap, but it does come packed with a range of features that surpass most other WordPress themes. The service requires a one-time payment of $165.

    Ideal if:
    You want to create a membership site or paid online community, take recurring payments from customers, sell digital products and set up password-protected libraries.

  3. Squeeze

    Sales page theme

    Squeeze is available in a many forms:

    • a WordPress theme
    • a plugin that works with your existing WordPress theme
    • a stand-alone sales page theme

    All Squeeze products are designed to help you optimize your site for a higher conversion rate and ultimately sell more.

    As this article is about sales page themes, I’ll focus on that product. As you can see from the above list, however, these developers do offer a selection of other tools for e-commerce sites, so take a look at their website for more information.

    Squeeze’s sales page theme is an out-of-the-box theme that simply requires you to add content. The page is already maximized for conversion and includes handy features like the ability to add testimonials from other users, different price tiers, a list of summary bullet points and long copy.

    The sales page theme from Squeeze requires a one-off payment of $97, and you can also purchase bundles containing the sales page theme and Squeeze’s other products for an additional fee.

    Ideal if:
    You’re looking for a sales page-building tool with multi-license options, and that provides you with a template of exactly what and where to put on your sales page.

  4. ProAffiliate

    ProAffiliate theme

    As the name suggests, ProAffiliate is designed especially for affiliates. The theme can create highly targeted affiliate sales pages and review sites that help you sell other people’s products. Like the other themes listed here, ProAffiliate doesn’t require any coding skills. Instead, the system uses a drag-and-drop method of constructing a web page.

    ProAffiliate costs $99. This price includes five offer page templates, 7 sales letter templates and free access to support forums and upgrades.

    Ideal if:
    Your strategy focuses on affiliate marketing and you want to create highly targeted separate landing pages for each product.

  5. Convertible

    Convertible WordPress theme

    The Convertible WordPress theme by Elegant Themes helps you create a beautiful and elegant sales page. A far cry from the yellow highlighter and neon red text of yesteryear, Convertible uses a drag and drop system to help you create the structure of your sales page. You can include a slider, video clips, headers, tabbed content, large quotes and testimonials to enhance the effect of your page without having to know any coding!

    Convertible comes as part of the Elegant Themes package. Members pay just $69 for all 87 themes, so you can get access to convertible plus a range of other professional-looking WordPress themes for a single payment.

Where to Find Premium WordPress Sales Themes

If you already have a WordPress account, you’ll know that you can find plenty of themes through the WordPress website. Other developers, however, have created their own portfolio of WordPress themes that aren’t available directly through the CMS but provide better functionality, a more professional appearance and better value for money. I’ve already discussed Elegant Themes, my favorite WordPress theme provider.

In addition to Elegant Themes, I have also had a very positive experience with WordPress theme marketplace Theme Forest, and personally recommend them. Other alternatives for high quality premium WordPress themes include Woo Themes, who created Optimize in the list above, and private developers like Copyblogger Media, creators of Premise.

Final notes

Why ElegantThemes?

Convertible is my favorite theme out of the themes we have discussed above, as it enables you to include all the key components of a sales page, while keeping the page stylish and attractive.

I am also a big fan of Elegant Themes as a company. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I have used many of their themes myself and can highly recommend them from personal experience. If you’re looking for a new WordPress theme, you won’t find a group of developers that offers better value or higher quality themes, so take a look at their different themes to see what a great deal you can get.

If your website is designed to sell one or two products or services, a WordPress sales page template is an invaluable asset to your website that can help you optimize your content for search results and structure the page for a very high conversion rate. Sales page templates aren’t the cheapest premium WordPress templates available, but they can make a huge difference to the success of your sales page and prove a worthwhile investment.

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