11 July 2012
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Simple E-commerce WordPress Theme

  1. Looking for a simple yet features-rich e-commerce WordPress theme?
  2. Fed up with your current theme’s inflexibility? Bored with your current e-commerce theme?
  3. Setting up an online business website and is searching for an affordable yet powerful theme?

Well then, do take a look at this premium theme that we will be discussing today. WooTheme’s Simplicity WooCommerce, a child theme for the ever-popular Simplicity theme (which in this case, acts as the parent theme).

Simple e-commerce theme

What Is A Child Theme

There are many WordPress themes on the internet, especially those created in recent years, which are parent and child themes. And it’s really a pretty neat idea, this parent and child theme. Allow me to explain.

The main purpose of creating a parent and child theme is to protect your customization when you upgrade your theme. You see, when a new theme version is released, you have a choice to either upgrade or not to upgrade. Generally, you would upgrade so to benefit from the added features and security changes.

But by doing so, you would lose all your customizations. Therefore, you will need to recreate your customization with every upgrade. You would need to go through all the hassle of locating each and every one of your customization and install them in the upgraded version. Yes, it is a tedious task indeed.

But with a parent and child theme, upgrading is no longer a dreaded task.

A parent theme (in this case, Simplicity) acts as a base for the child theme (Simplicity WooCommerce). The parent theme is where all your theme’s programming features are stored, which you do not change any of them. The child theme, on the other hand, stores all your customization, from graphics to designs to layouts. This child theme shall not be upgraded. Therefore, all your theme editing works are “safe” with every upgrade!

Simplicity WooCommerce Theme

Simplicity theme

Simplicity WooCommerce was designed by Chris Rowe, a talented freelance web designer and developer. This WordPress theme was released on September 27, 2011, 6 months after the release of its parent theme, Simplicity, in March 2011. It runs on WordPress version 3.2 and above.

Like its name suggest, the Simplicity WooCommerce is a simple and straight-forward theme. But don’t get me wrong. It does not lack features. In fact, it has plenty of options that you can customize in order to create a truly unique business website.

Simplicity WooCommerce Theme Features

  • WooCommerce Ready

    One of the best features about this theme is the WooCommerce plugin. This open source plugin is able to turn your website into a feature-packed e-commerce store that can sell just about anything from physical to digital products.

    This open source e-commerce plugin allows you to keep track of all areas of your online business, from inventory management to order taking to payment gateways to delivery.

    This plugin also allows you to easily post and tag your products. This means that information like SKUs, colors, weights and so forth can be added to each product without much hassle.

  • Highly Customizable

    You get to personalize almost all the theme elements from color and font to navigation and design. The homepage have mini-features, portfolio and testimonial modules for your detail customization. Post types are also customizable where adding features like slides are made super easy.

  • Widgets

    Widgets is cool feature that is not lacking in this theme. Simplicity WooCommerce has a sidebar and 4 footer widgets. And like all other WooThemes, comes with 8 custom Woo Widgets ie Ad Space, Blog Author, WooTabs, Subscribe, Feedback, Search, Flickr and Twitter.

  • Alternative Styles

    There are an amazing 9 color schemes for you to choose from. You get to also define your website’s background color and image as well as link and button colors.

  • Shortcodes

    There are lots of shortcodes that you can take advantage of. You can now easily add elegant looking and functional buttons, info boxes, related posts, social media buttons and columns display to your blog posts. All these shortcodes make our live so much easier!

Purchase Options

Please note that since this is a child theme, you would need to purchase and install the parent theme along with the WooCommerce plugin before it can work.

This is the parent theme and comes with lifetime support and updates. You can choose to buy either the Standard or the Developer package, which cost $70 and $150 respectively. The table below shows the difference between the two packages.

Simplicity WooCommerce
This child theme costs $20 and does not come with Bonus themes or PSD files. It is not a stand-alone theme.

WooCommerce Plugin
This plugin is required in order for the above themes to deliver its online e-commerce store features. It is free to download.

WooCommerce pricing

How To Install Simplicity WooCommerce

  1. Purchase and download Simplicity WooCommerce and Simplicity themes and upload to your WordPress’ themes folder.
  2. Download and install WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.
  3. Activate the child theme only.

Still undecided on which theme to use for your business website? Well, you can always head over to Woo Themes’ Playground and have a test drive of the Simplicity WooCommerce. Woo Themes is providing this demo for free for 14 days from the day of signup, after which it would be deleted and you would no longer be able to access them, unless of course you purchase it.

So, why not hop over today to check out why so many people are talking about the Simplicity WooCommerce theme.

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