29 December 2012
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5 Reasons to Use Minimalist WordPress Themes

A minimalist WordPress theme is one that does not have lots of fancy features or design elements. There are some good reasons to choose this type of theme for your WordPress blog.

Minimalist WordPress theme

While it can be tempting to go with a more elaborate theme, a minimalist theme often makes it easier for your content to speak for itself. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the top reasons to use a minimalist WordPress theme.

  1. Blogs Tend to Load Faster

    This is a big reason to use a minimalist theme. Not everyone thinks of this when choosing their theme, but the more elements that the theme has, the slower it is likely to load for your visitors.

    Everyone does not have the same type of internet connection. You want your blog to load as quickly as possible for all of your visitors. When a blog takes a long time to load, many people will not bother to wait. These are visitors you may never see again!

    By choosing a minimalist WordPress theme, you are giving all of your visitors the chance to have your blog load efficiently. They will also be able to get around the site quickly if they want to explore different pages.

    A blog that loads faster is also going to be beneficial for SEO purposes. If a site takes too long to load, this is something that the search engines can penalize you for. So this is a way that a minimalist theme is beneficial for both your visitors and SEO.

  2. A Neater Appearance

    A clean and spare design is more attractive than a cluttered one. This is true for a blog or website as much as for a room or house.

    When building a website, it can be tempting to add as many bells and whistles as possible. It can be fun to dabble with features and effects, and it may even make you feel like your site is more advanced. These type of sites, however, actually look amateurish and they aren’t usually effective at keeping visitors or converting them.

    The fact is, most people surfing the web have seen just about every type of effect imaginable and they are more likely to be distracted than impressed. When your blog has a cleaner, more basic look, you are more likely to get people to pay attention to your content or offers.

  3. Your Blog is Accessible to People on All Devices

    As more and more people surf the internet on mobile phones and other portable devices, you have to think of these visitors when you create your blog. Smaller devices are not able to deal with things like flash or multiple columns.

    For this reason, a site that has too many features is going to drive away a large portion of your traffic. If people can’t read your site properly, they aren’t going to stick around for long.

    This is another reason a minimalist theme is ideal. You will be making your blog accessible to people using all different devices. In the coming years, as more people use smaller devices to access the web, this will become increasingly important to remember.

  4. Your Site is Easier to Use

    One of the most important features a good website must have is being user friendly. If you’re selling anything on your site, or if you’re trying to get visitors to opt-in to your newsletter, this becomes even more crucial.

    A site that’s too complicated or that has too many distractions is not going to be effective at getting people to take the action you want them to take. A minimalist WordPress theme can allow you to emphasize your main call to action. You don’t want people coming to your site to impress them with your technical wizardry, but to get them to seriously consider your offer.

    A good WordPress blog is easy to read and navigate. The simpler the appearance, the more easily people will be able to focus on the site’s content and navigation features.

  5. Helps You Focus on Your Content

    The quality of any website ultimately depends on the content. When you have a minimalist theme, you are forced to concentrate on the actual content you are publishing. There are fewer items to distract you from this main goal.

    A blog that revolves around great content is not only going to be more popular with the search engines, but with visitors as well. A minimalist WordPress theme is the best way to keep you focused on what really matters.

Choices for Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalist WordPress themes come in many varieties. If you explore the free themes offered by many good WordPress theme designers, you can find quite a few that are minimalist. These themes are also described as “simple” or “clean” themes.

Of course, if you are looking for a unique theme, you can also find some premium minimalist themes, such as those from Elegant Themes. These are better if you want to ensure that you get updates and support for your theme.

Editor’s Notes

Minimalist Themes Have Many Advantages

We’ve looked at some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to use minimalist WordPress themes. The great thing about WordPress in general is that it makes it easy for anyone to set up a blog in a few minutes.

Using a minimalist theme is in keeping with this user friendly practice. It makes things easier for both you and your visitors!

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