7 December 2012
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Recommended WordPress Pinterest Theme

You probably had heard about Pinterest, the visual bookmarking social site that has taken over the world by storm. If you have not, well, it’s a virtual pin board where users pin images on various themed boards.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for girly stuff like fashion and home decor. True, it’s where you can find ideas for your toddler’s birthday party but it’s also where you can look for information about blogging, SEO and venture capital. More and more people are turning to Pinterest to search for information and inspirations.

Can you imagine the exponential growth Pinterest is enjoying? But more importantly, can you imagine how a Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme can affect your website?

What can Pinterest inspired theme do for my website?

If its usage is optimized, a Pinterest-inspired theme can significantly contribute to your website’s SEO ranking, traffic as well as revenue. That’s because it takes advantage of the simplicity and highly engaging design that is unique to Pinterest. Just check out some facts about Pinterest and you will understand:

  1. Pinterest is the third most popular social media platform in the US, after Facebook and Twitter.
  2. One of the fastest growing social media platforms with over 2 million users daily.
  3. It is an amazing link-building tool and helps generates referral traffic.
  4. It provides a means to share ideas, pictures and information.
  5. It’s interactive.
  6. It’s FUN!

Now, doesn’t it make sense to get a Pinterest theme?

3 Recommended WordPress Pinterest Themes

With Pinterest getting tons of attention in recent years, there is also a surge in demand for a theme similar to Pinterest. Many are interested in creating their own pin board sharing website, be it bloggers, photographers or designers.

When there’s a demand, there will be themes developers seizing the opportunity to create some awesome Pinterest-like themes. So if you are keen on getting a social media oriented theme that is similar to what Pinterest is like, then check out the following 3 dynamic Pinterest themes.

  1. WP Grid Theme by Apptha

    WP Grid theme

    This theme is one of the most Pinterest similar looking themes I have come across so far. As the name suggest, it uses a grid-based multi-column layout and supports various contents, from images to audio video to links. Users can upload any number of images to the board. This is great as it encourages your visitors to continue scrolling infinitely without leaving your homepage.

    While it’s not exactly responsive, it boosts of a flexible homepage and re-arranges the contents to match the browser size. Pretty neat result.

    It costs $59 for a single domain support package, which includes lifetime support and updates. In case you are concern whether it works for your website, well, don’t. Apptha is committed to refund you should the features listed are not working and that they are unable to get them to work.

  2. Pinboard by Themify


    This next theme is a responsive Pinterest theme. Try resizing your browser and watch the layout automatically re-stack itself in cool animation.

    Pinboard mimics Pinterest pretty closely too with “infinite scroll”, among others, where the homepage seems to run forever and new contents are loaded automatically once your readers reach the bottom of the page. Another Pinterest feature here is the multisite integration where your readers get the chance to signup and post too.

    Other notable features include 3 layout options, 7 color schemes, lightbox gallery, customizable header menu & footer text as well as various animations.

    This theme is very reasonably priced at $39 and in additional to that, you also get another theme for free. However, if you wish to have the PSD file included, then you will need to subscribe to the Developer package which costs $59.

  3. Pinpress


    This is another great Pinterest theme. It is responsive and is compatible with major browsers, providing your visitors a great surfing experience. And just like Pinterest, your readers can comment, like and share whichever post that catches their fancy!

    It is truly versatile and customization can easily be done where you are able to change the color scheme, add your logo, adjust the text color and even change the background, with just a few clicks. This theme supports WordPress widgets for that extra personalization. A great way to showcase your ideas and works indeed.

    This theme’s asking price starts at $69 for a regular license. For additional fees, you have the option to purchase a developer license and to remove the brand name.

The above is just a small portion of the many Pinterest-inspired themes available on Internet. Some are Pinterest clones while others are a combination of Pinterest’s grid contents and “conventional” themes’ features. Do you have any special ones that you would like to share?

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