17 June 2014
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Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Which social media do you think consumers are most attached to? While most of us may correctly name Facebook as the number one brand, we may underestimate just how high Pinterest ranked. The numerous studies and surveys conducted in the US by the likes of Pew Research Center and UTA Brand Studio, have found that Pinterest ranked top 5 in terms of most popular social media brand. In fact, Pinterest is now even more popular than Twitter!

What is Pinterest?

So, what exactly is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social bookmarking site with a twist. Instead of text and images, Pinterest is all about visuals. It’s an online pinboard where users bookmark the visuals that they fancy and share these with other Pinterest users. These other users can, in turn, “repin” (re-share) these visuals in their Pinterest account. Imagine the exponential effect a visual can get.

Pinterest is certainly gaining popularity fast. What makes Pinterest so popular? What makes it drives traffic to your sites? Well, here are some factors:

  • Infinite scroll

    All images are in a single page and that makes browsing effortless. With little to distract them, viewers are encouraged to continue scrolling.

  • Great user interface

    Pinterest has a clean and intuitive interface. This means that it is user-friendly and thus, is extremely popular.

  • Revenue model

    Pinterest allows users to add a price to their images if they plan to sell their products via the site.

Pinterest-inspired WordPress Themes

So it is safe to say that Pinterest is successful because of its design. That’s great but what has it got to do with us, you asked?

Well, I am sure many website owners are interested to find a theme that mimics Pinterest’s layout. The good news is that there are lots of Pinterest style WordPress themes around. Below are 10 such themes that we recommend. Do have a look.

  1. ExtraGrid

    ExtraGrid WordPress theme

    This fully responsive WordPress theme is designed to allow you to share your contents like how Pinterest does. The theme can be resized to fit various browsers, including mobile devices. You will also get unlimited height, unlimited color option and up to 4 columns.

    Other cool features include social media integration. This means that you are not only limited to posting text posts but also easily include YouTube videos, Instagram photos as well as tweets.

    For those who are concerned with improving their website’s search engine rankings, you will be glad to learn that this theme comes with Theme SEO options panel. These features are similar to what you will get with an SEO plugin.

    At $45 per theme, it is reasonably priced especially for those who are looking for a well-designed Pinterest theme that is packed with advanced features.

  2. Pinboard

    Pinboard theme

    Pinboard is a popular Pinterest style WordPress theme on Themify. Like ExtraGrid, Pinboard is also a responsive theme and features infinite scroll. Your posts will be automatically loaded once your viewers reach the bottom of the page. The auto stacking layout option will ensure that your contents are stacked beautifully according to the devices being used. Alternatively, you can choose to have your posts displayed in the traditional page number navigation format.

    The theme allows you to publish various media forms. Thus, you can easily display blog posts, images, videos, galleries as well as lightbox content like image zoom and video popups.

    It also let you create a multisite where your users can publish their posts on your site, just like Pinterest. Pinboard designers have included an author avatar display for every post so that readers are able to identify the authors.

    The theme costs $49 but if you would like to have the Photoshop files too, you can opt to get the Developer package that costs $69.

  3. TheWall

    TheWall theme

    This theme is based on the responsive Grid-A-Licious jQuery plugin which helps create floating grid layouts. Couple this with infinite scroll and you get a nice little Pinterest-like theme. But that’s not all.

    TheWall comes with lots of theme options where you are in control of almost the entire theme from grid size and color to font size, color and family to navigation options as well as custom widgets. For those who are into shortcodes or those who are not familiar with coding, you will be happy to know that this theme offers lots of user-friendly shortcodes. All you need to do is click a few buttons and your website will be changed immediately.

    The regular license costs $40.

  4. Notebook

    Notebook theme

    I have always liked Elegant Themes‘ designs and they have done a really good job with the Notebook theme. It is a unique multimedia theme. It doesn’t have the techie and sleek feeling that you get with most multimedia themes. Instead, it is fun and playful and well, made to look like a notebook!

    This responsive theme takes advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 animations and comes with lots of features. As a result, the theme is very engaging and fun. The animations are absolutely cool and themouseover effects are awesome.

    The theme allows multiple types of post formats and this means that you can effortlessly publish articles as well as upload audio, video and images.

    You will need to be an Elegant Themes member in order to buy this theme. It costs $69 per year but you get full access to all their themes.

  5. Pinable

    Pinable theme

    For those who love Pinterest and want to create something similar to the site, you will absolutely love Pinable. This fully responsive theme works great with various devices and supports multiple post formats too (text, audio, video, gallery and so on).

    The theme can easily be adapted to fit all kinds of website e.g. personal blogs, portfolio sites, video sites, galleries, e-magazine and even creative sites.

  6. Bayside

    Bayside theme

    Bayside is a responsive Pinterest-like theme that is also easy to use. This theme is great for beginners and those who are not familiar with programming languages and coding.

    Once you have purchased this theme, you will also receive a detailed help package which will guide you on how to make full use of the theme. Customization is thus easier and quicker too.

    It is also features-rich with unlimited color schemes, unlimited sidebars, navigation options, widgets, infinite scrolling and lots more. A regular license costs $40 only.

  7. Fotografia

    3 columns theme

    This is a photo gallery template which helps users create and manage image galleries easily. Photographers will love this theme as it will make a great photography website for them to showcase their work regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs.

    But Fotografia does not only appeal to photographers only as it also allows you to build video and image slideshows. The theme has also incorporated a cool 3D flip effect to make your site stylish and classy!

  8. Spaces

    Spaces theme

    This is another clean and simple Pinterest-inspired WordPress theme. Like the other themes previously discussed, Spaces too is responsive and has a dynamic grid.

    It is a neat design and a great theme for those who want to showcase their work, be it blog posts or photos, audios or videos and even chats too. There are also three color themes i.e. ultra light, light and dark, to choose from.

  9. Pinfinity


    This responsive theme has an infinite scroll and also supports various post formats. It is playful and fun and gives a very good first impression to your viewers. Like Pinterest, this theme also has a cool feature that allows your viewers to highlight their favorite posts. Another cool feature is the built-in audio player for easy sharing of audio tracks.

    This is a comparatively cheaper theme compared to the other theme providers. For this theme alone, you can get hold of it for only $39. But, if you like some of their other themes, you can just add $10 more (so you pay $49) and you get access to all CSSIgniter’s themes!

  10. Pintores

    Pinterest WP Themes

    This is also by CSSIgniter and is similar to Pinfinity but with a very different layout. Pintores looks very much like Pinterest and comes with powerful grid supoort. It allows you to upload and manage various media formats, thus making this theme flexible enough to suit multiple types of posts like text, images, audio, videos, galleries and links.

My favorite Pinterest theme is…

I like all the 10 themes listed above because they are hand picked by myself! But if I were to choose only one, it would be Notebook by Elegant Theme.

Why? I like flexible themes. While the Notebook them is made for multimedia sites, I think this theme fits many other types of websites. Personal bloggers would love this theme. Photographers can make full use of the playful display of contents. Online stores owners will likely to want to customize this into an e-commerce theme for it will certainly give their customers a great first impression!

The fact that it is one of the most cost effective themes just makes it better. Pay only $69 and you will get not one but ALL of Elegant Theme’s themes (current and future). With the current 87 themes, that’s less than $0.80 per theme per year. Absolutely great deal.


Frankly, I find most Pinterest inspired WordPress themes very awesome. While most retains the essential Pinterest style, many of these themes also offer additional features, different designs as well as some layout enhancements. Not only are you able to adopt the fluid dynamics of Pinterest into your site, you are also able to integrate plugins like WooCommerce to adapt to suit any specific requests you may have.

The above 10 Pinterest style WordPress themes are some of the greatest I have tested so far. They offer infinite scroll, fluid grid structure and many more features. So if you have always liked Pinterest.com and are looking to create your own website with a Pinterest layout and features, do check the above WordPress themes out.

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