17 June 2014
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Best Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Which social media do you think consumers are most attached to? While most of us may correctly name Facebook as the number one brand, we may underestimate just how high Pinterest ranked. The numerous studies and surveys conducted in the US by the likes of Pew Research Center and UTA Brand Studio, have found that […]

8 June 2014
WordPress Plugin
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Free WordPress Plugins for Coming Soon Pages

Did you know that it’s possible to optimize a WordPress site even before it launches? Sometimes there’s a time lag between the setup of web hosting and the completed site. If you don’t do anything, visitors will only see a generic message from your web host. This doesn’t really help you, as it’s mainly an […]

21 April 2014
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Elegant Themes Divi theme

These are the words that are being used to introduce Elegant Themes’ proudest product… so far. Divi is their pride and joy and they claimed that it is the smartest and the most flexible theme in their entire collection thus far. If that’s the case, let us take a look at how Divi lives up […]

13 April 2014
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How to check what WordPress theme a website is using

You may have various reasons for wanting to know what theme a WordPress site is using. This may not be obvious, unless the site is run by a beginner who uses one of the default WordPress themes or they have not removed the footer link that identifies the theme. More sophisticated sites can be trickier, […]

1 April 2014
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Where Can You Learn WordPress Online?

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging application for many reasons. It’s free to use, extremely versatile and it’s designed to be user friendly. At the same time, it can be daunting when you’re first learning about it. As with anything else, it takes some time and practice before you get comfortable with it. You […]

27 March 2014
WordPress Themes
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Best Free WordPress Business Themes

WordPress is no doubt one of the most popular CMS (if not the most popular) in the world today. It is said that one-fifth of websites is now powered by WordPress. Although it is more difficult to determine how many of these WordPress sites are businesses, we can nevertheless safely say that a growing number […]

17 March 2014
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Elegant Themes review 2014

Just like how product marketers would design their packaging to best attract potential buyers, a website’s design too can help attract new visitors and motivate the existing ones to return. We all know how much, or rather, how little attention Internet users pay to each website. Without a good first impression, visitors may skip your […]

1 March 2014
Web Hosting
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Web hosting – a beginner’s guide

When you want to build a website, one of the first requirements is that you get web hosting. A web host is a company that provides you with the technology and resources for managing your website. Most importantly, your web host provides the servers and storage space where all of the data of your website […]

18 February 2014
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10 best e-commerce WordPress themes for 2014

If you’re starting or already running an e-commerce site, WordPress can provide you with a convenient way to manage it. There are many WordPress themes that are designed especially for this purpose. There are both free and premium themes made for e-commerce sites, so you should be able to find the perfect theme that fits […]

28 January 2014
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Beginners Guide to Choosing WordPress Themes

How many of you do a full and in-depth research on WordPress themes before buying? Do you evaluate each theme’s pros and cons prior to making your purchase? Apparently, many web owners do not do a thorough evaluation of WordPress themes and at times, end up regretting their decisions. What happened was that they usually […]