6 May 2012
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Best Food Blog WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

Founded in 2002, TemplateMonster is ten years old this year, marking a decade of providing a wide range of design products for the masses. Specializing in template creation, TemplateMonster creates and designs templates for websites and blogs as well as templates in Flash, Flash CMS and Silverlight formats. They offer tens of thousands of templates […]

28 April 2012
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Female Blog WordPress Themes

While men have their techie, gadgets and auto blogs, women have fashion sites, blogshops, parenting tips & blogs and celebrity news to occupy themselves while online. Women are lesser fans of IT and technology, so they would like things simple and easy that takes them directly to what they want, minus all the fuss. So […]

23 April 2012
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Best WordPress Themes for Business

Starting your new business website is exciting and yet scary at the same time. There are so many areas to look into that you would want all the help you can get. But lack of information is definitely not one of your challenges. There are so much information, tutorials and advices at the click of […]

20 April 2012
Elegant Themes
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Elegant Themes Best WordPress Themes Offer

Once you have gotten a web host and a domain for your website, your website is all ready to be set up. The first and foremost thing you’ll have to do is to select a suitable WordPress theme. A theme determines the look & feel and functions of your website, so selecting the right theme […]

18 April 2012
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Fun and Elegant WordPress Freemium Theme – Harimau Malaya

Once in awhile I do get really excited when I chance upon some inspiring websites. They needn’t be big or have award-winning posts every other day. Sometimes, all it takes are some determination and lots of passion to tug your heartstring, if you know what I mean. This post is about one such website called […]

14 April 2012
WordPress Tips
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How to Publish Blog Posts updates on Facebook automatically

Where do you promote your blog? Where do you get more traffic to your blog? If you scratch your head at this question, you’re probably only writing on your blog and leaving it at that. Maybe you have some “Share” buttons at the bottom of each post for you to hope that your readers would […]

11 April 2012
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Video Bloggers WordPress Theme

When should you use videos in your website? If you think that your site visitors would be more impressed by how your products will look like in a video rather than be described in words, then make and upload a video of your item. If you want to give instructions and of course, if you […]

9 April 2012
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Best Photography WordPress Themes from ThemeForest

Heard of ThemeForest? If your answer was “Who?”, then I would very much encourage you to check them out, especially if you are interested in open-source web templates and themes, including WordPress themes! Who is ThemeForest? ThemeForest is one of the few digital marketplaces where you get to buy and sell templates and themes for […]

1 April 2012
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Elegant Themes vs WooThemes Fully Responsive WordPress Themes

People are connected to the Internet on the go these days. Almost everyone has either a smartphone or a tablet or even both, so much that you can even see kids jabbing their iPads battling various virtual enemies. As such, if you own a website, you must make sure that it will display well on […]

27 March 2012
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Online Shops WordPress Theme

If you have an online business selling pretty dresses or skirts, shoes or trinkets, home decoration products or just any item at all, the Shelflife theme would be perfect for you. Why so? It’s because on the homepage, there are sections for you to feature your product images and descriptions of various products under the […]