16 January 2014
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WPZoom PhotoFrame Theme

If you are looking for a quality WordPress theme for your blog or photography site, WPZoom PhotoFrame is one well worth considering.

WPZoom puts out many premium WordPress themes, and these have many advantages over the typical free themes most people use. While a premium theme requires you to invest a little money into your site, the advantages it provides in terms of uniqueness, features and support can make it a wise choice. In this article, I’ll be discussing the benefits of WPZoom in general and the PhotoFrame theme in particular.

WPZoom Themes

PhotoFrame theme

WPZoom is a company that offers more than 50 different WordPress themes for different purposes. Some of them are for particular types of businesses or hobbies, others are for certain formats such as magazine or portfolio style or for video sites. In addition to selling its themes piecemeal, WPZoom also has a memberships site where you can get access to all of their themes.

All of their themes come with the following feature:

  • A Stable and User-Friendly Framework

    This includes an easy to operate “Theme Options Panel”, from where you can customize your site without having to do any complicated coding. You can also install widgets with a few clicks of your mouse and automatically update your theme whenever an update is released. Pretty neat yet easy, right?

  • SEO Friendly

    The theme you use can have an impact on how well optimized your site is for the search engines. WPZoom themes are all designed to help your sites rank better.

  • Reliable Support

    Free themes tend to have little or no support. With a premium theme from WPZoom, however, you receive professional support with all of your purchases. This can be very helpful in case you have a question about how to set it up or configure something regarding your theme.

Features of the PhotoFrame Theme

As I mentioned before, WPZoom has many different themes. One of my favorite is the PhotoFrame theme. This theme can be used for many purposes but it’s especially perfect for a photographers, designers, filmmakers or architects who want to showcase their work. It’s also good for many types of blogs, especially travel blogs.

Some of the notable features of the PhotoFrame theme include:

  • Multiple Layouts

    Multiple layouts
    It’s really easy to change the layout of any page, whether its the homepage or any other page on your site.

  • Responsive Layout

    Responsive layout
    Responsive design is important for ensuring that your site can be viewed properly by people using phones or tablets. You do not need to use different themes for different devices – one single theme from WPZoom handles almost all major devices without any problem at all!

  • Slideshow

    Galleries can enhance a photography or other site that is full of images. You can easily create and edit galleries using the “Gallery Shortcode” feature.

  • Dark Skin

    Dark skin
    This is an alternative for people who want to give their blog a different, more minimalistic look. Switch between skins easily through the “Theme Options Panel”.

While you have many choices for photography and gallery related themes, PhotoFrame offers all of the advantages that come with WPZoom themes. This includes high level support, regular updates and an interface that makes it easy to edit your site. These are the reasons why many people find that PhotoFrame serves their needs better than the average WordPress theme!

WPZoom pricing

Whether you are interested in the PhotoFrame theme or any other WPZoom themes, there are several options when it comes to pricing.

  1. You only need 1 theme

    If you only need one theme, you can purchase a single license for a one-time fee of $75. This license allows you to use the theme on as many domains as you want, and it also includes one year of support and updates.

  2. You want to have 2 themes

    The Extended license includes the above benefits, but allows you to have two themes. Additionally, you can edit the site more extensively because PSD Photoshop files are included. This license costs $125.

  3. You want all their themes

    For anyone who may want to use a variety of themes on multiple sites, the WPZoom Membership is something you may want to think about. This provides you with all of the more than 50 WPZoom themes, as well as giving you a new theme once per month. This option requires an upfront investment of $199 plus an additional $19 per month.

If you are accustomed to using free themes, WPZoom might seem a little expensive, but using a high quality premium theme can make a big difference to the appearance of your site, as well as making it more convenient to customize it.


There are thousands of themes available for WordPress, both free and ones that you have to pay for. To make your site as professional looking and easy to manage as possible, however, its best to get a theme that fits perfectly with your objectives.

WPZoom has a large number of specialized themes that allow you to do this. Whether you use PhotoFrame for a photography site or another WPZoom theme, you can be sure that the theme is a good match for your needs.

Oh, I nearly forgot… this company also provides excellent support to allow you to get the most out of the theme. So, purchasing a theme from theme should be a worry-free affair. To find out more about WPZoom themes or to look over the PhotoFrame theme, see:

WPZoom is an exceptionally clean and creative theme for photographers and other bloggers who want to display their images as appealingly as possible. I would suggest taking a look at the theme by trying out the live demo. This is another advantage of WPZoom themes -there is a demo available for each theme to give you an idea of how it looks and what you can do with it.

To find out more about WPZoom themes or to look over the PhotoFrame theme, see:

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