13 May 2012
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Cool Photography WordPress Theme – Capture

If I had to choose one WordPress theme that I truly enjoy reviewing, it’ll have to be WordPress photography themes. The various lovely designs coupled with the great features that are inherent in WordPress, makes reviewing them lots of fun. I am sure you too would enjoy them just as much. Probably as much as the theme designers enjoy designing them, and users enjoy implementing them!


WordPress photography theme

There are many great photography themes available these days. KreativeThemes is one of those responsible for churning out beautiful and functional photography WordPress themes. This team of 2 young and very talented lads Izuddin Helmi (Designer) and Amirul Faisyal, specializes in photography, magazine/news and blog themes.

I would say that their themes are very much of international standard, both in terms of design and features offered. If you think Izuddin’s name sounds familiar, that’s because he is a contributor for WooThemes too.

WordPress Photography Theme – Capture

Here’s an awesome WordPress photography theme from KreativeThemes that has caught much attention. Capture is a clean yet sophisticated theme that would have lots of photographers, designers, artists and other creative professionals wishing to get their hands on. It was created in 2010 and has one revision so far. WordPress compatibility is up to version 3.0.4, but the template should work well with any latest WordPress versions.

It creates an easy-to-maintain photography site in an instant and without much fuss. It has extensive features that would made lots of users very happy. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • For starters, it has 6 alternative color styles to choose from.
  • There are slideshow and portfolio views on the homepage for you to showcase your works.
  • Why Capture is so special is that it includes a column for display of your images’ Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data eg camera type, focal length, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture value.
  • There’s also a blog section incorporated in this theme.
  • As with other KreativeThemes’ templates, Capture also comes with the KreativeThemes Option Panel, allowing you to easily change user options like Google Analytics embedded code, theme styles, logo, fonts and so forth.
  • Threaded comments going 3 levels down so you get to engage with your readers more effectively!

Capture’s ease of use is perfect for beginners, especially those without much IT skills and those who just want hassle-free websites. Having said that, advanced users would find that the Capture’s flexibility does allow much room for tweaking and customizing.

Pricing Packages

Capture is of KreativeThemes’ paid themes. KreativeThemes offers users 4 different pricing packages ie the Standard Lite at $29.90, Standard at $49.90, Webmaster Lite at $69.90 and Webmaster at $99.90. Prices are in USD.

The differences between these packages are just whether you choose to have access to KreativeThemes’ support forum and whether you wish to obtain the PSD source file.

Which package should you choose?

Well, it depends on what your requirements are. The Standard Lite is very much affordable but it is not sufficient for a webmaster. How likely would you be to access the support forum? And would you need to edit the appearance of the theme design?

If you are a personal blogger who enjoys showcasing your photography works, then I would suggest the Standard Lite package for it is very much sufficient for you. However, if you are an advanced user or a webmaster, then you may want to consider the Webmaster package, which gives you the freedom to redesign the theme by editing the PSD source files.

Kreative themes packages

Note that these pricing are one off payment and there will be no monthly maintenance or upgrade fees. All of them come with free lifetime theme updates as well as unlimited domain use. This means that you get new updated revisions for as long as you are using the theme and you are free to use it for as many websites as you wish, at no extra costs! To top that, Capture and in fact, all of KreativeThemes’ designs are GPL licensed, ie you have the freedom to copy and distribute them! A small price to pay for one theme indeed, don’t you think so?


With so many features offered, Capture is one WordPress photography theme that is not to be missed. Highly recommended to all photographers out there. A fantastic theme for photographers, regardless of whether amateur or professional, to showcase their photography works. To top it all, KreativeThemes is offering very flexible pricing packages.

A very good deal I would say. Worth a check at least. Try the demo and see for yourself!

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