23 November 2012
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Nimble WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes recently released their 77th theme and it is another absolutely stunning theme. When Nick blogged that he was planning on a new business theme back in September 2012, I admit I was a little apprehensive. After all, they already have 24 business themes, including Modest and Webly. How different can this new theme be?

Now that Nimble is released and I have tested it for awhile, I am sold. I should have more faith on the team! Nick did a great job at balancing design and function. While it does have some similarities with the other business themes, it is still quite unique on its own and certainly far from being “standard”.

Nimble theme

What’s so special about Nimble?

The one thing I can say about Nimble is that Nick was clearly thinking about what a corporate website needed in order to convey their message to visitors and customers. Now, let’s have a look at some of Nimble’s features.

  1. Design

    At first glance, Nimble is bold yet simple. None of those gaudy designs that tend to confuse readers more than it excites them. There are lots of space enabling easy navigation, widgets to be installed as you wish, and messages to be delivered across more effectively!

    There is a full screen carousel slider at the top most of the homepage and this is followed by feature areas before the footer. These feature areas can be used to describe categories of your products or services; latest updates; current projects as well as pricing packages.

    There are 5 color schemes available ie sorbet orange, blue, green, red and gray. I find that Nimble is good enough not just for a business website but also for blogs, corporations and portfolio. It does give a very professional feel to the website.

  2. Blog and Individual Post Pages

    Both the blog and individual post pages have their titles highlighted on the full screen header. Huge fonts set against the bright background are just the thing to make a statement, especially when you want to grab your readers’ attention.

    I also like the refreshing way the images and the comments are displayed on the blog page. And the cute comments bubble on the blog page is linked directly to the full list of comments on the individual post page.

  3. Full Screen Carousel Slider

    One of the first things that strike your visitors immediately is the full screen carousel slider on the homepage. Very eye-catching with big bold fonts. Perfect for drawing your visitors’ attention to the products or services that you are selling or showcasing. According to Nick, the slider is intended to draw your readers to take actions (as a call to action).

    Having said that, he also understands that there may be some web owners who preferred not to have the slider. In this case, you can opt to have the slider disabled via the options panel thus pushing the other contents up. It’s that flexible!

  4. Flexible and Responsive Theme

    Responsive designed themes are in great demand these days as web owners want to ensure that they cater to the increasing number of mobile and tablet users.

    You will notice that all of ElegantTheme’s newest designs are responsive. And I’m sure you would be glad to hear that they had also been upgrading previously released themes into responsive themes as well.

    Nimble is fully responsive and is beautifully displayed on both a 27″ Cinema Display as well as on a smartphone. It stretches and shrinks elegantly to fit the browser it is being viewed on. Yes, including the homepage carousel slider image, which is luckily, not unceremoniously chopped off like some themes I came across on the Internet!

Affordable Premium Themes

Art and Design

How much would Nimble cost? In other theme provider’s site, it would probably be going for $35 – $55, probably higher too. But for Elegant Theme’s members, Nimble is FREE! No extra charge at all.

How Elegant Theme works is that you pay $69 per theme and this also allows you to become a member. As a member, you get all the other themes (existing and future releases) for free – for as long as you are a member. Currently, that works out to be $0.79 per theme per year! Can you find any other theme providers who can match this deal?

Once you decided to cease your membership, you will still get to keep all the themes that you had downloaded. However, you won’t be receiving updates or support, which of course, is absolutely reasonable.

Interested to know more about this awesome Nimble theme? Do head over to the Demo page for a quick test run. I’m sure you will agree with me that Nimble is another great theme from Elegant Themes with its simple and bold style. If you are an Elegant Themes member, then go ahead and download it for free. If you are not a member yet, do consider becoming one. You will definitely not regret it!

Preview the Nimble WordPress Theme

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