19 December 2011
Elegant Themes
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Elegant Themes Modest Theme Review

After all these years, I am still amazed with the theme designs that Elegant Themes‘ Nick and his team of designers can come up with. With 87 themes so far and still counting, they had never disappointed their members and curious followers with their designs. There is such a variety of WordPress themes here that there is bound to be a few (at the very least) that would suit even the choosiest blogger.


One of their latest premium themes is the Modest WordPress Theme. But don’t let the title misled you. This theme is by no means less superior to the other themes. I guess the best description would be that this theme is unpretentious. It is simplicity at its best with minimum design elements. And yet at the same time remain stylish. Because of the slick and lightweight design, one can imagine the Modest to be suitable for most type of websites, from personal blog to internet marketing to corporate sites.

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Modest WordPress theme

Unique Homepage Slider

The main feature in Modest is the homepage slider. It is a custom coded slider without any extra jQuery plugins and I must admit, I love the end result. The slider consists of 3 huge post images on the home page, the main image is slightly bigger and in the middle while the 2 images are placed on either side of this main image. It auto rotates from right to middle and is all about creating an awesome first impression.

You can also click on the slider to bring the other 2 images to the front and clicking on the main image will lead one to that particular post. Together with a huge headline above the slider, this theme is definitely at a class of its own.


I have mentioned before in my previous Elegant Themes reviews about how useful Elegant Themes’ shortcodes are and in Modest, these shortcodes are no exception. They help you customize the theme into whichever way you would like it to look and all it takes is a few clicks. Very much user-friendly and no complicated programming language is needed.

You can now create toggled contents, tabbed content, image sliders, various column layouts and lots more in a matter of seconds.

Five Different Color Schemes

There are 5 different background colors chemes that one can choose from, such as White, Black, Purple, Green and Blue. Very simple and no-nonsense types of colors. If there is any wish I have for Modest, it is that it comes with a few more color schemes for us to choose from. Anyway, switching between these 5 colors can easily be done through its ePanel theme options page.


Modest, like the other Elegant Themes’ designs are compatible with all the latest browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and even Netscape. Initially, when it was first launched, there were some minor hiccups with the IE browser but they have been ironed out now.

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Interested to download the Modest? In order to download Modest and Elegant Themes’ designs, you need to subscribe as a member. Membership fee costs $69 per year, which comes down to only $5.75 per month! All members have unlimited access to ALL their themes, both previously released as well to be released in the future. Divide that with the 87 designs so far, and you will get less than $0.79 per theme. Should I add that Nick and his team would usually add 2 – 3 themes every month? It’s a steal if you ask me!

Unlimited access to Elegant Themes

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, well, members also have access to all updates and supports.. for free. Their support forum is awesome. The team and the members are such a closely knitted community that challenges faced by a member are quickly sorted by other forum users.

Oh, did I tell you that Elegant Theme also offer a 30-day money back guarantee?! Should you decide to cancel your subscription, you are still allowed to keep all the themes that you have downloaded as a member. The only things you don’t get are updates and supports, which I think is fair enough.

So do check out their themes and judge for yourself why so many people love Elegant Themes.

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