21 August 2012
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Responsive WordPress Themes from Elegant Themes

As a loyal customer and long-time fan of Elegant Themes, I talk about them and their services a lot on this website. They need no introduction for my regular readers, but for the sake of new visitors, I’ll explain a little more about them and what they do.

Responsive WordPress themes

Elegant Themes is a web design and development company that produce stunning website templates for WordPress users. With over 233,000 clients, they’ve made an impressive name for themselves in the competitive world of premium WordPress templates – and for good reason. I am one of their happy clients and have previously reviewed their services on this website.

Are themes from Elegant Themes free?

Elegant Themes’ themes are not free, but this is because you’re paying for much more than just a WordPress theme. Many companies offer WordPress themes, but Elegant Themes stands out from the crowd. Not only do they produce visually stunning, high quality themes for different types of websites (business, E-commerce, news, photography, portfolio, and others), but they also provide customers with dedicated support and a range of backend features.

Some premium WordPress themes cost hundreds of dollars, but Elegant Themes offers customers a good deal. For an annual fee of $69 only, you can get their entire 87 high quality WordPress themes – the equivalent of $0.50 per theme. It doesn’t matter whether you use one theme or all 87, the price is the same! You can just download all the themes and keep it on your hard disk… or you can use all the themes on your websites!

With an Elegant Themes membership, you get access to all 87 themes, advanced WordPress customization features, and Elegant Themes’ specially trained tech support team. The value for money is great if you just use one theme, but it’s especially helpful if you have multiple websites.

Very few other WordPress theme designers offer the same level of support and satisfaction for such a low price. That’s why Elegant Themes is my number one recommended premium WordPress theme provider.

Why not use free WordPress themes?

On the official WordPress site, and elsewhere online, you can access thousands of free WordPress themes. If you’re starting a website for the first time and want to cut costs, it might be tempting to choose one a free theme instead of a premium theme.

I strongly advise against this for two major reasons:

  1. No support

    You will not get the same level of support with a free WordPress theme as you do with a premium themes provider like Elegant Themes. Very few free WordPress themes come with any support at all. When they do, the support is limited at best.

  2. No updates

    Free theme developers often stop updating their themes after a while. This means that their themes might not function properly with new WordPress updates, that they have limited functionality, and that they quickly look outdated. You need to be able to keep up with changing blog and mobile technology, and many free themes aren’t able to do this.

An outdated theme also looks unprofessional.

If you’re using your website for business, potential clients will make judgements about your products and services based on your website’s appearance. Therefore, it’s even more important to choose a theme that you know will stay up to date with current trends.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress themes are specially designed to adapt websites to different mobile devices, desktops, and other viewing environments. They have a flexible foundation with a fluid grid system. This enables the theme to present your website in an optimal format for the device each individual reader is using.

Responsive WordPress themes are especially important in the age of the smart phone, tablet and e-reader. Statistics from early 2012 demonstrated that mobile browsing accounted for 20% of all web traffic in the USA. It’s never been more important to have a responsive WordPress theme that is user-friendly for mobile users too.

If your theme isn’t responsive, mobile users will find your website harder to navigate, and are less likely to visit. This could cost you serious web traffic, and make a dent in your profits. Unless you want to lose out on visitors, you need a responsive WordPress theme!

Recommended Responsive WordPress Themes

Here is a selection of my favorite responsive themes from Elegant Themes, which I highly recommend:

  1. SimplePress


    SimplePress is a business theme with style. The homepage is elegant and uncluttered, with a javascript slider that enables you to create a stream of featured content.

    The theme has clear sections for a blog and gallery, as well as featured links to different parts of the website. With all Elegant Themes products, you get access to the template’s ePanel, which lets you change aspects of the website without ever having to touch a line of code!

  2. Nova


    Nova is a simple yet beautiful theme that is perfect for designers, artists and other visual-based websites.

    The Elegant Themes team reckon the homepage’s slider is one of the most versatile they’ve ever created. This allows you to create a clean, professional gallery, while including a range of mediums, including video, in the featured content on your home page.

  3. Aggregate


    Aggregate is the perfect responsive theme for online magazines.

    It contains lots of useful widget-ready areas without looking cluttered. As well as providing space for advertisements and featured content, the homepage has the flexibility to include recent comments, a video slide, and the latest posts in each category. Aggregate is perfect for websites that make several posts each day, as it exposes readers to the best content without overwhelming them!

Out of the three themes, SimplePress is my favorite. It has a flexible design, and it helps you create an attractive, elegant website that is intuitively organized and easy to navigate.


As more and more web users start viewing online content on devices other than a computer, it’s important to be ready. You will provide your visitors with a much better service using a responsive theme, and this reflects better on your business and your reputation in the long term.

Out of all WordPress theme providers, Elegant Themes is my favorite. As a customer, they have provided me with a consistently high-quality service, and in all my online experience, I haven’t found a more dedicated support team. The $69 membership to Elegant Themes gives you access to all 87 themes, meaning their service is excellent value for money. Their ePanel and support options make them the perfect template provider for both first-time website owners and established websites!

Beautiful WordPress themes

I’m confident you’ll love Elegant Themes as much as I do. If you don’t, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you’re looking for a professional, responsive WordPress theme, sign up for an Elegant Themes membership today, and take your pick from 87 themes! As a top-rate service with something for everyone, I know they have a theme with your name on it.

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