1 April 2012
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Elegant Themes vs WooThemes Fully Responsive WordPress Themes

People are connected to the Internet on the go these days. Almost everyone has either a smartphone or a tablet or even both, so much that you can even see kids jabbing their iPads battling various virtual enemies. As such, if you own a website, you must make sure that it will display well on every device, even on the tablets and smartphones. You don’t want your website to take ages to load on a smartphone or having certain features failing to function.

DailyJournal WordPress Theme


DailyJournal is a recent WordPress theme from Elegant Themes, which prides itself on being a fully responsive WordPress theme. It automatically adapts to the screen size of the device being used to browse it. Not only that, DailyJournal uses CSS media queries to trigger various layout sets for every screen size. In other words, the site design will change instantaneously, so users don’t have to wait until the page loads.

If your website targets the young and young-at-heart, having such responsive themes is a must in order to reach out to them.

Of course, that’s not all that DailyJournal has to offer. They have some pretty useful features and functions to deliver your ideal website.

  • Choose from 4 color schemes

    Life is colorful and so should your website be. Choose from four available color schemes – blue, green, red or white – to best represent your brand, business or niche.

  • Manage your site easily with ePanel

    It is simply great to be having full control over your website. Everything from layouts, colors, advertisements, navigation and search engine optimization can be done your way. You can also implement third party scripts into the theme and find installation instructions as well as troubleshoot guides in the ePanel.

  • Organize your website with shortcodes

    Designing and organizing a website is undoubtedly not an easy task, so the people behind the DailyJournal theme has added a wide range of shortcodes to help you do these. You can create buttons, content boxes, toggled or tabbed contents, slideshows, image sliders or social media badges.

    You can even break columns into different layouts as well as password-protect any content within your post.

  • Templates ready for use

    Several templates have been built into the DailyJournal theme, so you don’t have to search or purchase any. Choose any of the given templates and customize it as you wish by creating an image gallery, inserting a contact form, expanding the page to full width or installing an advanced search function.

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Elegant Themes

I must say that DailyJournal has set a perfect example how a fully responsive WordPress theme should look like and should work on all modern browsers, including those on mobile devices. However, if you want another theme for comparison, we will give you Elegant Themes vs WooThemes, two of the big boys in the premium WordPress themes industry.

Currents WordPress Theme

Currents WordPress theme

Another good choice of a responsive theme is WooThemes’ offering called Currents. It works fine on browsers of all resolutions and widths. Created with bloggers in mind just like DailyJournal, Currents has the following features that would appeal to bloggers as well as business owners:

  • Multiple author profiles

    A website is often managed and organized by several individuals. If your website has several contributors, then you would find this feature helpful. There is an author page template and widget with each author having a profile and additional social media information.

  • Specialized news areas

    There is a “Recent News” area on your homepage which site visitors would definitely notice upon arrival at your website. Take advantage of this feature to make announcements of your latest promotions, latest news or anything else that you think should be highlighted.

  • Emphasis on headlines

    Headlines always serve to draw attention. Now with the design made to show only titles on posts, readers’ attention is definitely drawn to the headlines. However, if you prefer to show snippets or excerpts of the articles, you can always enable them too.

Both DailyJournal and Currents have their plus points but a common feature for both is that they work well on devices of all screen sizes. So if you are looking for this feature, you have found two of the best options and all you need to do next is to decide which ones would meet your needs better.

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  1. […] DailyJournal is great especially for bloggers. The layout is neat with snippets of each article arranged one after another on “lined paper”, truly giving a feel of thoughts and secrets penned in a logbook. Unlike most sites where the menu is placed at the top, DailyJournal’s are placed on the top left corner. On the other hand are links and categories on the right-hand side, allowing users easy search and navigation. […]