27 July 2013
Elegant Themes
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Elegant Themes ePanel

Elegant Themes is the designer of an awesome collection of premium WordPress themes that can help you create a distinctive, customized blog and other websites for many purposes. There are many benefits to these themes, one of the biggest being that you get a large number of them for one low price. In fact, when you buy the Elegant Themes package, you end up paying less than 50 cents per theme!

While there are many attractive features that come with Elegant Themes, in this article I want to focus on the ePanel.

What is ePanel

ePanel is the control panel that comes with all themes from Elegant Themes. This is what allows you to edit and manage your site without doing any coding. You have a wide range of options for customizing your site using ePanel.

ePanel is designed to work easily on your WordPress dashboard. Once your theme is installed and activated, ePanel will be available for you to use. Let’s look at some of the features that come with this user friendly control panel.

  • Adjust Layout

    Layout settings

    You can edit the basic layout of your theme to give it the look you want. You can decide where to display items such as comments, categories, date and author. You can adjust the height and width of thumbnail images and choose to display or hide comments.

  • Navigation

    ePanel navigation

    Here you can decide which links to display and which to exclude from the navigation bar. If you have pages such as About Us, Testimonials, Products, Submit a Ticket, Contact Us (or whatever pages you create for your site), you can adjust the settings of the dropdown menu so the links are in the order you want. As you make changes to your site, you can add and remove links.

  • Colors

    ePanel color settings

    You can control the colors of many different parts of your theme (and your website). If you want to change the font or background colors, for example, you can do so very easily on this page. Just click and select the color you want from the color palate.

  • SEO

    ePanel SEO settings

    The ePanel control panel provides you with some useful SEO tools. You can enable meta descriptions, custom titles, meta keywords and canonical URLs. This allows you to optimize your posts, pages and categories. With this feature, you can accomplish many SEO tasks without having to install other SEO plugins.

  • Ad Management

    Ad management

    Elegant Themes is designed to make it easy for you to monetize your website. There are several ad locations that you can enable if you want to place banners on your site.

  • Support

    ePanel support

    If you need technical support, you can reach Elegant Themes’ support from the Support tab in the ePanel Theme Options page. When you purchase Elegant Themes you get full support as well as any future updates.

More Advantages of Elegant Themes and ePanel

On the Internet, there are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, both free and premium ones. What makes Elegant Themes such a good choice? Well, their collection of themes helps you overcome some of the main challenges that are associated with WordPress themes.

When you use free themes, you can only customize your site to a very limited extent. For one thing, there will be lots of other sites using the same theme! Even though Elegant Themes are popular, the number of users is tiny compared to users of free themes. Additionally, the ePanel and other features gives you a great deal of power to make your site look professional yet unique!

With Elegant Themes you get 87 themes for the price of one. This means that once you purchase the package, you will be able to use these themes with any other WordPress sites you decide to build in the future. Not only won’t you have to buy any more themes, but you won’t have to learn how to configure each new theme because each theme comes with the familiar ePanel control panel!

Once you learn how to navigate the ePanel and other Elegant Themes features (which is very user friendly, even for beginners), you will be able to easily edit every theme. This will make it extremely efficient when you want to start a new site, or edit one you have.

There are Elegant Themes to suit just about any purpose, whether you are setting up a personal blog, a site dedicated to a hobby or a business blog. There are responsive themes, e-commerce themes, magazine themes and more.

Having such a wide choice of themes in one package is also good for people who build websites for clients. You can build unique WordPress blogs for many types of businesses.

Editor’s Advice

There are many reasons why Elegant Themes is one of the best values for anyone who uses WordPress. We have focused on the efficiency of the ePanel, which is a control panel that lets you customize the look and feel of your website.

The wide selection of themes that you get for one price is hard to beat. You could easily pay $69 for a single premium theme, and with Elegant Themes you get a package of 87 distinctive themes (as of the time of writing).

If you want to make your WordPress site outstanding, you really need to go beyond free themes. You may want to research your alternatives for premium themes. You will probably find some good ones, but you won’t find a better value than Elegant Themes.

Between the ePanel, the large number of themes and other features such as SEO capability, you really can’t lose by purchasing this collection of themes. You also get support whenever you need it, and free updates to ensure that your theme is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress!

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