16 February 2012
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Portfolio Theme from WooThemes

Beveled is another WooTheme from the WooCommerce range. Beveled was designed to be a portfolio WordPress theme, perfect for showing off your work. If you are a blogger who loves sharing photographs with your readers, you will love this theme too. Just like all WooCommerce themes that come packed with features and functions, the Beveled theme has everything that someone with a portfolio to boast would want in a theme!

Portfolio WordPress Theme

Let’s check out why this theme is great for online portfolios:

Portfolio Slider

What better way to showcase your portfolio than with a portfolio slider? A FlexSlider on the homepage welcomes your site visitors as soon as they arrive at your homepage. The slider shifts the images automatically, so you don’t have to rely on your visitors to browse through themselves; they will be attracted to your portfolio instantly! FlexSlider is compatible with all major browsers, has horizontal and vertical slide options and is very intuitive, even for beginners.

Good for Viewing on All Gadgets

With almost everyone owning a smartphone or a tablet nowadays, it is important that your website can be viewed right on a handheld gadget. Having a website that wouldn’t load or wouldn’t display well wouldn’t leave favorable impressions of your website on your potential customers. Not only that, you’d lose sales as well due to the inability for site visitors to view your page right.

It’s amazing that the Beveled is made to scale to fit on browsers of various widths and resolutions. Regardless of whether you view a Beveled themed website on a mobile device or a tablet, the designs will remain fully responsive. This is a proven responsive WordPress theme.

Intro Message

At the top of the homepage, you can opt to display intro messages to greet your visitors as they arrive at your website. It could be a welcome note, an announcement or an introduction of yourself. Customize the fonts for this by selecting the colors and font type under the options panel.

Custom Widgets

There is a widgetized sidebar and as many as 4 footer widgetized areas in the Beveled theme. These are great for you to display links to your Facebook page, Twitter account or any other link that you prefer. Beveled makes it easy for you to do so by providing Woo Widgets such as Ad Space, Flickr, Twitter, Subscribe & Connect, Blog Author and Search.

These widgets make customizing this theme so much easier and fun!


The Tumblog works just like Tumblr, that popular blogging platform. For the unitiated, Tumblr is a blogging platform for a tumblelog, a short-form blog. Just like the regular blog, users can upload text, images, videos and such to their tumblelog to share with the rest of the world (or keep them private if you choose to).

With Beveled being WooTumblog-enabled, you have the convenience of posting on the go with the Express App for iPhone, enjoy sharing a variety of multimedia elements and post to your tumblog from your dashboard. In short, Beveled being WooTumblog-enabled makes tumblogging much easier.

Customize Your Look

You don’t want to look like all of WooThemes’ customers, so thankfully you can customize the typography in terms in font types, size, font colors and so on, very easily within the theme’s control panel. There is also full support for Google Fonts. If you don’t feel like using the default Lobster, Droid Sans and Droid Serif fonts, feel free to change the font typography any way you wish.

Oh, it’s not just the fonts that you can modify; you can change the background and button colors, background image and even the links look & feel too! In short, this WordPress theme is very easy to customize!

Custom shortcodes

Beveled is one of the better portfolio WordPress themes around, simply because the FlexSlider serves a great purpose of showcasing work or photographs in an interesting way to site visitors. Users of the theme will also find it flexible, convenient and easy to use!

Check out this theme on WooThemes today!

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