23 October 2011
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Perfect Multi-Purpose Theme – Blogitty

Businesses or store fronts looking to start their online presence usually find it difficult because they cannot find a suitable template/theme for their websites. Without the budget that bigger firms and corporations have, they usually cannot afford to hire professionals websites designers. If you find yourself facing such a situation, rest assured that you know there is a viable and affordable solution for your problem. With Blogitty, a premium WordPress theme by Themeforest, you will be getting a versatile theme to suit your various needs.

Regardless of the nature of the website which you will be using the template for; personal, commercial, blog or other purposes, you can be sure that Blogitty will be more than sufficient for the task. Blogitty is a multi-purpose theme which is suitable for most types of blogs and websites. This review will give you an idea of the features which you can expect from the theme and also the kind of blogs/websites which will most benefit from its usage.


Blogitty costs only $35. For this little price, you will get access to a fairly wide array of features that are included in the package.

  • Multiple color options

    For the multimedia and graphics focused user who cannot stand the same color scheme every day, a total of 8 color options is available to suit their needs! In other words, if you like to change your blog’s theme color every now and then, then this theme is definitely for you.

  • Stylistic freedom for backgrounds

    With this user friend feature, you can tweak and tune your blog or website to your satisfaction! You can easily change the background color and picture to any picture you like, easily within the control panel.

  • Specialized Text-based Logos from Google

    Users of Blogitty have the benefit of practically unlimited access to text-based logos designed by Google!

  • Homepage manager to create the perfect homepage layout

    If you are like me who cannot stand the same basic layout which comes standard with most themes or templates, Blogitty’s homepage manager will seem like a godsend gift to you. With this feature, we are no longer stuck with the same boring layout which almost everybody else is using. Instead, we can easily design and customize our own, unique layout for the homepage. Cool eh?

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Support, social media features and other perks!

  • Numerous Multi-Level jQuery Menus

    Being one of the first few things which Internet users will lay their eyes on, it is imperative for jQuery Menus to be designed in an eye-catching way. The options in Blogitty are certainly that and they have the added advantage of coming in a wide array of varieties and choices. Just choose and apply your style on the menus!

  • Extremely customizable Image Slider

    Although Image Sliders were once very rare features on websites or blogs, they have gained prominence in recent years and they can now be seen on most templates worth their salt. The one that comes integrated with Blogitty grants user an exceptionally high room space for creativity and customization. You can play a pivotal part in the design of your own sites now!

  • Built-in Breadcrumbs

    With this breadcrumbs, you can easily define the items on your website in a simple and easy way. For those of you who are less particular with such details, there are also built-in, predesigned breadcrumb items which you can use as well!

  • Social Media Links

    Recent changes in the search engine algorithms (especially the Google Panda) have increased the importance of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in Internet marketing. Thus, if you are using your website/blog to promote/sell items, do not forget to link your site to social media sites so that visitors can easily “like” or “tweet” about them.

  • Advertisement Sidebars

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Basically it gives you the ability to easily monetize your blog; that is to earn a sizeable side income through advertisements.

  • About the author box

    The content of a site would not be what it is if not for the efforts of its writers. Blogitty’s designers recognize this fact and have included a feature through which the hard work of authors and writers can be properly recognized and accredited.

This multi-purpose WordPress theme from Themeforest has a lot of other great features which we do not have space to cover in detail. They include:

  • Custom Tabs Widget (Popular, Recent, Comments, Tags)
  • Contact Form Widget
  • Flickr Widget
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Hide/Show Meta Elements for each particular post
  • Featured Image
  • Built-in Related Posts
  • Nested Comments
  • 100+ Shortcodes (column, button, tab, vertical, tab, toggle, accordion, infobox, highlight, dropcap, quote, lists, etc )
  • Unlimited sidebars
  • Language support
  • Lightbox gallery / Porfolio

Blogitty is designed to be a versatile and all-rounded WordPress theme which will fulfill various websites’ needs. To this end, it is fairly successful and at the relatively affordable price of $35 only, it is absolutely value for money. In addition, you are provided with excellent support from the theme designers themselves and will be continuously updated with versions compatible with the latest WordPress releases.

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