24 May 2012
Organic Themes
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Business Theme from OrganicThemes

The name “Organic” was selected to represent two facts about the company and its themes. The company was founded in a small town on the Maui island in Hawaii and the themes created by the company are simple, fuss-free and without any unnecessary effects and features added. The founders, David Morgan and Jeff Milone, wanted to keep things as “organic” as possible so that your website would load, setup and be customized faster.

Business Theme

One impressive theme from OrganicTheme’s collection is the Business Theme. It was designed for “businesses that wish to improve their web presence” and I must say I’m confident the Business Theme can do so. It is not like any other business themes that I have came across. There are some features which I have been pretty impressed and amazed with, namely:

  • Job listing template

    This is perfect if you are a recruitment firm or a head hunter. You could list the various available openings in a neat and easy-to-view layout. It isn’t just recruiters who would benefit from this. You could use this template to make listings of any sort. It could be a list of property for sale in the market, marked down items or just anything at all.

  • RSS news template

    You might want to feed your site visitors with news or updates on your site or the industry. Use the RSS news template to do so. You save time trying to organize news contents while the readers will benefit from getting everything in one place. They might even subscribe to your website just to receive those updates!

  • Numbered pagination

    When you come to the end of a page, you would usually see the words “Next” or “Newer posts”. If a reader wants to get to page 10, he would have to scroll to the bottom of each page and click “Next” ten times!

    With numbered pagination, you would see “Page 1 of 10”, “Page 2 of 10” and so on. Just clicking on the page number would take you directly to your desired page. Numbered pagination benefits you as the webmaster too. You’re encourageing your site visitors to explore more of your site and the pagination helps in search engine optimization (SEO) too.

  • Multiple homepage layout

    There are times when a website needs more than one homepage layout. For instance, you might want to launch a new item and want your homepage to have a different look. But you don’t want to change to a new WordPress theme and adjust all the customizations and settings again!

    So this is when a multiple homepage layout comes in handy. It is ideal for you to switch back and forth between your favorite layouts.

  • Featured videos and images

    A business site doesn’t have to be all business-like. Media is the new method of reaching out to your target audience. You could post a video or image of your product or company to explain things in a way words couldn’t. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

You’d get all these features and more at an affordable price of $69. However, if you own other websites or foresee that you would use a new theme in the near future (everybody would eventually change to a new theme from time to time), it is a wiser idea to buy all of OrganicThemes for $249.

Join OrganicThemes club at $249 one time and get the Developer’s Pack. You will get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • All Current Themes
  • All Future Themes
  • All Theme Updates
  • All Theme Design Files
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Access To All Support Forums

You don’t need to be a math genius to know that you could get the entire collection of themes for the price of 3 themes bought ala carte. If you had liked the Business Theme, then you would surely find the other OrganicThemes to be as good and functional too.


Regardless of your purchase options, the Business Theme is indeed a must-have for business websites. It projects a professional look, is easy to set up and you can customize and add various widgets to boost the functionality of your website.

Check out Organic Themes Official Website

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5 responses on “Business Theme from OrganicThemes

  1. ravi das says:

    really nice theme and also quiet cheap too.I am looking forward for my buisness site a theme.Let’s see how their support is..

  2. KevinF says:

    “Not Impressed”

    I purchased the shop forum. My main gripe is the support, I’ve posted on their forum three times and with the last post asking “Is any body there?”. It seems that they have taken my money and popped off to spend it. Will comment if they ever get back to me, but has taken over three weeks so far – pretty poor if you ask me.

    As for the design, while they look ok, the template options are fairly limiting. Perhaps put it down to a mistake and move on to another layout design. I hear Thesis is an option. Any feedback on that welcome.

    • Alicia says:

      That’s not good. They used to have pretty fast support. Maybe you can shoot them and email and see if they reply to you?

      • Karolis says:

        Hello Alicia,

        Thanks for the reviews you’re posting in this blog, it’s very informative. I wonder if there is a way to contact you and have a chat about some WordPress themes?