17 June 2012
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Flexible WordPress Theme

The Flexible WordPress theme is as flexible as its name, in many ways. For starters, the theme works with all modern Internet browsers, allows various customizations, is viewable on various platforms and is packed with features that you’d definitely find useful regardless if you are an amateur or an advanced webmaster.

Flexible WordPress theme

Let’s take a closer look at why and how the Flexible theme is easily one of the best around in the market for your website:

  • Fully responsive

    With tablets and smartphones of various sizes being launched into the market, people will not just be browsing the Internet the ‘traditional way’ using computers. Different screen sizes is an issue when it comes to building a website as some themes do not scale the website when viewed on different devices, leading to a disproportionate page or one that doesn’t load properly.

    With the Flexible theme, you won’t have to worry about this anymore as CSS media queries are used to scale down (or up) the page to fit the viewing device’s screen size.

  • Internet browser compatibility

    Most themes are designed to work with the most popular browsers, ie Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. But what happens if your site visitors use Opera, Netscape and Safari instead? The Flexible theme has given thought to such occurrences; as such, your website will work absolutely fine on all the above mentioned browsers.

  • Unlimited color schemes

    With the endless number of color combinations for your background and fonts, your site will be one-of-a-kind even if someone else should happen to use the same theme. And of course, you’d get to choose the colors that best represent your company, brand, personality or just your own preferences.

    For even more customization, there are various font options for you to select the look and feel of your site.

  • Advertising managements

    Ad management is made flexible too with the ability to amend settings from within the wp-admin panel. From there, you are able to insert banner images in your sidebar and ads to your post pages. If at any time should you decide to remove the ads, you can always do so through the wp-admin section too.

  • Page templates

    Another feature that gives you the flexibility of customizing your page is the page templates that the theme provides. Those who have no knowledge or time to create a template from scratch will benefit from one of the many pre-made layouts.

    Of course, you can make tweaks and amendments here and there to give those templates an individualistic look!

  • Shortcodes collection

    Now you are free to add features and functions to your blog even if you know nuts about codes. Flexible provides a collection of codes which the team thinks you will find useful, so look through the collection of codes if you want to add buttons, content boxes, slideshows, social media or password protected content.

    That’s not all, there is also tabbed contents, column layouts, pricing tables, quotes, testimonials and so much more that you can add to your site. These shortcodes simply makes formatting various elements on your blog posts so much easier!

  • Flexible access to all themes

    The team behind Flexible tries to make everything as ‘flexible’ for you as possible, so much that by paying just $69 per year, you will get access to all the themes in the collection.

    That is certainly flexible, unlike other companies which would just give you the theme that you have paid for. With as many as 87 themes and counting (as you will also receive new themes that are constantly added to the collection), you are now free to change the theme for your websites, which is certainly very flexible indeed! Just imagine, for only $69 per year, you get to download and use all their 87 WordPress themes instantly!

    You will also get priority support if you have any questions in setting up the theme, or if you need any help in customizing the theme! The member’s support forum is very active and resourceful.

Unlimited access to all themes

If you are looking for a simple theme that showcases your portfolio as soon as visitors arrive on your site, Flexible is what you are looking for. It is fuss-free, modern yet packed with features that you would need for your website, whether it is an e-commerce website, a personal blog or a company website.

If you own several websites, there are even more reasons for you to purchase Flexible so that you’d receive the entire collection of themes that you could use for your other websites. As of now, there are altogether 87 elegant themes in the collection! All these themes are yours for one little payment only!

Preview Flexible Theme

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