29 June 2013
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Explorable WordPress Theme – Great theme for Travel sites

Explorable is a premium WordPress theme put out by Elegant Themes. It’s a highly innovative theme that pins your posts on a map. This is a theme that will certainly give your site a unique appearance.

Elegant Themes offers a whole package of themes at one reasonable price. In this review, I’ll be discussing some of the features of Explorable and the whole Elegant Themes collection.

Explorable WordPress Theme

There are many thousands of WordPress themes to choose from for your blog. Many are free, and can be installed from within WordPress. There are, however, certain disadvantages of free themes. They tend to be used by large numbers of people, and make your blog look all the same with them! Remember, there are millions of WordPress sites online, and the majority use free themes!

Installing WordPress theme

Premium themes, such as those offered by Elegant Themes are also more secure than the free ones. You will also get better support from this company than you could expect from free theme developers. This is really understandable I believe, because the free theme developers are not getting paid for their work, so naturally they won’t be providing good support (even if there is any).

Explorable is a very distinctive theme that is especially made for travel sites or sites that want to highlight certain locations. This WordPress theme is excellent for:

  1. Travel or Tourist Guides
  2. Local Business Directories
  3. Travel Blogs


With this theme, all of your posts are pinned to a map, which can display any location in the world. This can be fun for a personal blog, as when you are traveling and want to show where you are visiting. It’s also great for many business purposes.

Explorable theme

If you have an online business that caters to offline clients, you can use this theme to sell websites to local businesses. They will be impressed with the ability to have all of their posts point out the location of their business!

If you want to build a series of sites about different locations, you can do this with the Explorable theme. You could have a different map on each of your sites. Here are some of the other benefits of using Explorable:

  • Permanent Updates

    Elegant Themes are frequently updated to keep up with WordPress updates. When you buy their themes, you will get perpetual updates.

  • Google Maps Integration

    You posts are connected to a location using Google Maps technology.

  • Compatible With All Major Browsers

    Visitors will be able to view your site using Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.

  • Responsive Design

    Your site will look great no matter what type of device the visitor is using, whether a computer, smart phone or tablet.

  • Visitor Ratings System

    Visitors can rate each location displayed on your site. Local businesses can make especially good use of this feature.

  • Unlimited Colors

    You can customize the theme using a wide range of colors to make each site unique.

  • Ongoing Support

    With Elegant Themes you can get support whenever you need it. If you have any questions or issues about how to use Explorable or any other Elegant Themes, you will be able to get help promptly.

  • Easy Translation

    To make it easy to customize the themes for different locations, they are designed to be translated using .mo and .po files.

  • Listings Can be Filtered

    The listings on your site can be filtered by type, location or star rating.

Google maps WP theme

Elegant Themes Packages

Explorable is just one of the premium themes you get when you sign up with Elegant Themes. Altogether, you will get a total of 87 themes in the package. Each one is a high quality, premium theme that comes with perpetual updates and full support. This is really awesome and never heard of before, right? Usually you pay for 1 theme, but with this theme developer, you are paying a good price for 87 themes altogether!

Another nice thing about Elegant Themes is that you can control all of their advanced features through their control panel, called ePanel. You can change layouts, colors and other features without having to worry about the coding. You can also manage advertisements and optimize your site with the search engines, among others.

Now, there are several choices for signing up with Elegant Themes. Depending on your needs or preference, you can choose whichever you fancy.

  1. Personal

    This gives you complete access to all themes (for personal use) for $69 per year.

  2. Developer

    Aside from the 82 themes, this package gives you access to several plugins as well. These plugins are:

    • HandHeld Mobile Plugin
      Makes any site mobile friendly, with any theme.

    • Elegant Page Builder
      Easily design creative layouts for your site.

    • Maintenance Mode Plugin
      Creates a “Coming Soon” page for your site.

    • Elegant Shortcodes
      Use efficient shortcodes to manage your site.

    The Developer’s package is available for $89 per year.

  3. Lifetime Access

    This gives you all of the benefits of the Developer package, but here you only pay a one-time fee of $249. You will have complete access to their themes for lifetime, and will never need to pay for a theme again!


The Explorable theme gives you a unique way to create a location-centered WordPress site. Whether you want it for personal or business, it lets you easily connect your posts to any location you want. This is a highly distinctive theme that lets you use Google Maps technology with all of your posts.

While you can purchase many themes on the internet, few companies give you the value that you get with Elegant Themes. Getting 87 themes for one price means you are paying mere pennies for each theme. Even if you only use a few of the themes, you are getting a great deal.

Elegant Themes offers a high level of support, and gives you several options for choosing the best package for your needs. If you want plugins as well as all 87 themes, you can choose the Developer’s package or Lifetime Access package. I recommend you getting the Developer’s package for a start.

For more information about Explorable and other themes from this developer, visit their website.

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