6 October 2013
Elegant Themes
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Elegant Themes Customer Showcase

Elegant Themes is one of my favorite theme providers and we had been recommending them for a long time now. All their themes are beautifully created and for a small price of $69 per year (yes, that’s right… only $69, not $139 or $390), Elegant Themes’ customers will be able to gain access to ALL their themes, complete with full support. And on top of that, you get a 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

The owner cum design expert behind Elegant Themes is Nick Roach and he’s the theme developer for all the 87 (and counting) themes being offered. He has two developers helping him programming the themes.

The first thing you will notice when you take a tour round the WordPress Themes Gallery is that all the designs are clean, attractive and innovative, with lots of room for customizations.

Design vs Content

I’m sure you have read that having the right theme is essential to a website’s success. And it is. A well designed theme will help pull in more traffic just as much as a poorly created theme will do otherwise.

But hang on, isn’t a website’s content just as important if not more? Look at Google. I’m sure we all will agree that it does not exactly have the best design, yet it is drawing millions of visitors daily.

Well, not all of us are Google. Therefore, we need “help” to attract readers in the first place. We need a balance of design and content in order to get more people coming to our websites. The design has to fit well with our topic and thus, appeal to our target audience. But how many of us are experts in website design? Not many. That is why most website owners turn to theme providers for affordable professional themes as can be seen from the many websites using Elegant Themes.

Who’s using Elegant Themes?

Elegant Themes’ customers range from personal bloggers to online businesses to website developers. Because of the themes’ versatility, the same theme can be customized by different websites to focus on their requirements.

In order to find how the themes are being used, let’s check out Elegant Themes’ recent contest. In early September 2013, they launched a contest searching for cool and creative websites using their WordPress themes. A week and over 800 submissions later, 20 top websites were chosen by the management and the community was requested to vote for their favorite.

The top 3 which received the most votes were declared winners and received prices like lifetime membership to Elegant Themes, a full year VPS or shared hosting and content delivery network (CDN) services.

The winners


The winners had been announced and let’s have a look at what the winning websites’ themes were.

First place – Mugs Café (Foxy theme)

Mugs Cafe

The reason this website won was because of its simplicity in design. This all-in-one business theme is both simple and striking at the same time. But what Mugs Café did was to strip it down and present a very clean and lovely look with large and clear typography.

At the same time, the website developers had taken full advantage of the availability of Elegant Themes’ shortcodes. Toggled menu, calendar slider, customer feedback slideshow are just some of the creatively customized layout on the webpage.

View the site: http://www.mugscafe.org/

Second place – Jones the Painter (Simple Press Theme)

Jones The Painter

I like this website. It displays a New Zealand artist’s works and he did a really good job in that. His entire landing page is a breath taking display of his paintings – you can use the arrow key to scroll. The Gallery page template comes in very handy for the artist to showcase his paintings as well as their details. Jones has done a great job turning this theme into a well-combined gallery cum business site.

Visit the site: http://jonesthepainter.com/

Third place – Cranky Cow Milk (Webly Theme)

Cranky Cow Milk

This is in contrast to the previous 2 winners. You won’t describe it as clean and simple as you would with the earlier two. However, the website developer has managed to put together an engaging design that fits the brand’s image!

The themes used, Webly, is another favorite of many of Elegant Themes’ fans. That’s because this theme is filled with very useful customization options when designing the website. It also goes to show how with a little creativity when combined with a great flexible theme can turn into an awesome website!

View more: http://crankycow.com.au/

Other websites using Elegant Themes

There were other incredible and beautiful Elegant Themes websites that while did not win, are definitely worth talking about. In fact, Elegant Themes has uploaded a Customer Showcase page dedicated to all these amazing websites as well as others in the future. Truly a great source of website design inspiration!

Here is a favorite of mine.

Vertex theme

Vertex theme

Vertex is unique as it allows you to display you contents in a long scrolling homepage. You are able to continuously tell your story or showcase your products or services through galleries, sliders, testimonials and so forth all on the same homepage. It is so versatile that you can turn it into a love story as well as a website for a multi-million dollars business as shown below.

  1. Andrew & Courtney

    Andrew & Courtney

    This website is beautifully designed taking advantage of Vertex’s seamless scrolling. It tells the story of Andrew and Courtney’s proposal and engagement as well as double up as an online save the date. It is simple and elegant and includes a RSVP reply form for those who wish to attend the wedding.

  2. Texas RIC

    Texas RIC

    The same theme is being used by this regional investment center for Greater Central and South Texas region. As with website of similar background, there are bound to be loads of information to be presented. But Texas RIC was able to keep the website neat by highlighting the gist of their services and other information on the single-page style homepage.

With so many elegantly designed themes to choose from and at really affordable prices too, there’s little wonder why there are more than 233,000 of happy Elegant Themes customers all around the world. So if you are planning to look for some great deals in WordPress themes, you won’t have to look too far. Just head over to Elegant Themes and check them out. I will let the themes speak for themselves!

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