18 April 2012
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Fun and Elegant WordPress Freemium Theme – Harimau Malaya

Once in awhile I do get really excited when I chance upon some inspiring websites. They needn’t be big or have award-winning posts every other day. Sometimes, all it takes are some determination and lots of passion to tug your heartstring, if you know what I mean. This post is about one such website called KreativeThemes, a 100% made-in-Malaysia premium WordPress theme developer.

KreaviteThemes is one of the most well known WordPress theme designer from Malaysia.

Who is KreativeThemes

Kreative themes

KreativeThemes is co-founded by a team of 2 young and very talented lads Izuddin Helmi (Designer) and Amirul Faisyal (who is in charge of marketing) back in 2009. They specialize in magazine or news, photography and blog themes, though I did find a few that are pretty flexible enough to be converted into other types of blogs/websites.

A new visitor would immediately fall in love with their elegant and professional looking WordPress themes. As at today, they have a total of 10 themes of which 7 are premiums and 3 are free. I would say that their themes are of international quality. Hardly surprising as Izuddin contributes themes to WooThemes too.

KreativeThemes’s packages are divided into 4 plans (from Standard Lite at $29.90 to Webmaster at $99.90), so you get to choose the one that suits you depending on your needs, ie whether you need access to support forum or require PSD source files.

Kreative themes pricing

All payments are one off with no monthly fees. Quite a good deal if you consider the fact that the themes are GPL licensed.

What is A Freemium Theme?

For the benefit of those who are clueless about the word “Freemium“, let’s have a look at what it means. As you would have pretty much deduced by now, “Freemium” is coined using the words “Free” and “Premium”.

Now, should you start classifying this word as an oxymoron and in the same category with words like “awfully nice” or “fresh cheese”, let me tell you that you have clearly misunderstood (pun not intended).

What we are naturally inclined to do is to equate premium themes to paid themes. They do not mean the same, though most premium themes are paid themes. Premium themes are themes that have more features, for example, in terms of functions, support, design and layout, than free themes (well, most of them anyway). Paid themes, as the name suggest, requires users to pay before downloading. Users would only be able to play around the demo version until they pay.

But do you know that there are some awesome premium themes around that are also free?

These are called Freemium themes and it simply means that a premium theme is created and provided free by the authors. Anyone can download and use this theme without needing to pay for it. And one such premium theme is the Harimau Malaya.

Harimau Malaya Theme

Malaysia WordPress theme

The Harimau Malaya literally means Malaya Tiger in the Malay language. It is an endangered tiger species that is found in Peninsular Malaysia. It also refers to the name of the Malaysian’s under-23 football team who had in 2010 won the AFF Suzuki Cup after a drought of 14 years. It is this football team that the theme is based upon. KreativeThemes was so proud of this achievement that they created a premium theme to celebrate this historical win!


The Harimau Malaya is a clean and complete WordPress theme.

This minimalist 2 column theme comes with a blog-style main column and drop-down top menu. The widgetized right sidebar allows for full control over which widgets you would like to include there. Individual post comes with a beautifully styled information bar at the bottom, showing date, author, category, number of comments and tags.


There are 2 unique color schemes available i.e. yellow-black and pink-black. The KreativeThemes options panel lets you maintain easy control over the theme from Google Analytics embedded code to changing themes.

There are plans for a premium version of the Harimau Malaya theme but no definite release date as yet.


I highly recommend that you take a look at the Harimau Malaya Freemium WordPress theme. With some minor customization, I’m sure this theme will make its roar felt. Its simplicity allows for speedy downloading, a feature that scores well in the SEO category. Definitely a stylish premium yet free theme that you should try, especially for personal blogs!

Visit Kreative Themes Official Website

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