21 December 2011
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Free Christmas WordPress Themes 2011

Christmas is the season that everyone looks forward to even if they don’t celebrate it, for Christmas is simply a cheery holiday. Twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, gingerbread and turkey – these are just the reasons why everyone loves Christmas. Christmas is only less than a week away and most of us are still rushing for the last minute gift-hunting and home decorating.

Are you a keen WordPress blogger who would like to share your thoughts online? Does your WordPress need an eleventh hour customization to go with your festive entry? If you are not able to manually design your WordPress page, you may choose one of the many beautiful Christmas themes offered online and spread the festive spirit to your readers too!

Whenever Christmas approaches in the coming years, soak up the holiday spirit and change your blog theme to a Christmas-sy one. A Christmas WordPress theme works especially great if you are posting something on the celebration or are promoting a product or service that your readers could use in the festive season. Below are some Christmas themes that you might like to use with your WordPress blog as the end of the year 2011 approaches.

A handy tip:

If you are not sure of which theme to use, you can always try the demo version beforehand.

  • Mistletoe

    Christmas theme

    A kiss under the mistletoe is a magical thing. Show your love with this mistletoe Christmas WordPress theme with cheerful winter Christmas tones. Don’t worry that your WordPress page will be overcrowded with uncountable mistletoes, for the mistletoes will appear in your banner instead.

    A pretty snowman with a snowy background sits on top of the page as a beautiful header, with neutral blue tones as the dominant color. Your post title will be in maroon, sitting beside a tiny and neat Christmas tree. And if you think the regular fonts are boring, use the twiggy fonts to go with your theme to give your blog a Christmas theme with a twist!

  • Iceburgg

    Christmas WordPress theme

    This theme created by Devlounge is one of the earliest Christmas themes released exclusively for WordPress, with over 30,000 users using it since year 2006. Iceburgg features a wide space for your posts so that you can insert pictures that are up to 565 pixels wide for higher clarity. Iceburgg is androgynous with mute and cold blue colors and a row of Christmas trees silhouette make a pretty header.

    If you are a big fan of the traditional WordPress design or simply need easy-to-navigate themes, this is a theme you can consider. If you don’t like the striped background, no worries! You can customize the background for Iceburgg just the way you want it to be.

  • Blue Christmas Theme

    Christmas WordPress template

    Can’t get enough of snowmen? The Blue Christmas Theme is sure to meet your snowmen “needs”! This fancy theme features a two-dimensional header with multiple snowmen of different sizes, and a jolly red color for your tabs’ background. The main column starts with some pretty snowflake shapes from the top, and ends with the same in reverse color.

    Blue Christmas Theme features largely contrasting Christmas colors – white, red, green and navy. The top of your page will be displayed with falling snow animation on a contrasting dark blue background. Holly wreaths, Christmas trees, candy canes, red scarves and the snow – this is the WordPress theme that captures every essence of Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas Theme

    Merry Christmas WordPress theme

    Merry Christmas features a tiny Santa Claus beside your WordPress title, with a red ornament to decorate your post title with. The Merry Christmas theme uses simple and square fonts with plain but heart-warming designs, an overall black-and-white interface with a hint of three other Christmas colors and easy navigation for a faster manoeuvre.

    The header is a quirky sketch of two reindeers beside some little Christmas trees. This Merry Christmas theme allows you and your readers to create the falling snow animation. If somehow you find the snow distracting, there is an option to stop the snowfall by tinkering with the options under the option panel.

  • Christmas Gifts Theme for WordPress

    Christmas Gifts theme

    If you’re looking for something simpler, the Christmas gifts theme might be the answer. This theme is a brightly-colored one with minimal designs, featuring a header of boxes wrapped in vibrantly-colored papers and golden ribbons.

    Generally, Christmas Gifts mainly uses the Verdana font in a user-friendly size, so your readers will not have to squint to read the contents of your blog. Christmas Gifts, is toned with bright colors of red and green against a white background, an ideal theme for minimalists who prefer no-frills on their blogs.

There you go, 5 of the best Free WordPress Themes.

Join the festivities and give your blog a new look with the upcoming holiday season. Besides, it is also about time that you allow your readers to be greeted with a different look as they visit your website and with Christmas and the New Year approaching, there is no better moment to do so!

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