23 April 2012
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Best WordPress Themes for Business

Starting your new business website is exciting and yet scary at the same time. There are so many areas to look into that you would want all the help you can get. But lack of information is definitely not one of your challenges. There are so much information, tutorials and advices at the click of the search button that your real challenge is which to believe in!

WordPress business theme

Let’s take a step at a time. What is the most important thing that you should concentrate on doing when constructing your business website or business blog? Well, one of them is to find an appropriate business theme. This article is assuming that you have decided on a WordPress website. It is, after all, one of the more (if not the most) popular Content Management System (CMS) around today and definitely the best solution for your business website/blog!

Right, you’ll probably be aware by now of the tons of WordPress business themes available on the Internet. Well, I’ll be honest here, there are business themes and there are business themes. Not all are the same. Some themes are created from passion while others are for, well… business purposes. Some are free to use and some are to be purchased. The bottom line is you would need to take the effort to screen through these Business WordPress themes to find the one that suit your requirements best. But no worries here for I’ll point you in the right direction in this article.

10 Best WordPress business themes

Here is my list of the 10 best WordPress business themes that’s both beautifully designed as well as functional:

  1. SimplePress (ElegantThemes)

    SimplePress Business theme

    You will love SimplePress for its sheer simplicity and its professional look. It boosts of a beautiful Javascript slider, which you can take advantage of to showcase the different products that you wish to highlight. It is very easy for your customers to navigate and features 5 unique color schemes, drop down menus, full width page template and fully functional Blog and Gallery sections. Lots of customization opportunities here!

  2. Studium (ThemeForest)

    Business WordPress theme

    Studium is a powerful professional theme that is perfect for a corporate website. It is bursting with amazing features and flexibility that makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced developers. Its predefined styles, theme integrated shortcodes and widgets, multilingual support and sliders are some of the features that you can expect to get from this WordPress theme.

    Did we mention flexible? The theme comes with over 100 shortcodes that allows you to easily customize the layout, style and typology to create that unique look you wanted!

  3. WP-Responsive (Solotream)

    WP Responsive

    WP-Responsive is an elegant responsive business theme. What is cool about this theme is the flexibility of its featured content slider. You can choose to display any WordPress pages or posts (yes, even just a featured post) and combine it with images or videos on this slider.

    The fact that it’s responsive is great for business websites for you can be assured that your website would be automatically adjusted regardless of what devise is being used to view it and to top it up, the theme is highly search engine optimized (SEO) too.

  4. Openhouse Real Estate & Automativ Car Dealership (ThemeForest)

    Car WordPress theme

    This best selling 2-in-1 theme combines a real estate and a car dealership into one WordPress template. Actually, this theme can be customizable into other listing / directory businesses eg RV site, Dental Hygienist directory, Cell Phone company, Dog Breeder directory and just about any businesses that can take advantage of its internal search and virtual calculator.

    The Openhouse & Automativ theme is one of ThemeForest’s most popular themes for many reasons. It comes with a powerful and flexible Search function. Imagine how convenient it is for your customers to search the list of properties through narrowing down by location, number of baths, beds, max / min price and property type. In the case of a car dealership, a search can be done on manufacturer, model, engine size, transmission type, max / min price, body type, mileage and model year.

    Your online presence is further enhanced by additional features like “Google Map”, “Google Street View” and “Compare” and you can easily update your list through the “Reduced” and “Sold” banners. For your customers, there’s a fully featured Loan calculator and a complete amortization table too.

  5. WP–Clear (Solostream)

    WP Clear

    The WP-Clear is yet another popular WordPress theme that is super clean and professional. This responsive theme offers multiple page layouts and templates and is so versatile that it is suitable for a personal blog, online magazine or business website.

    You can choose to display as many or as little content as you like and still have an elegant outcome. Especially for business sites, there is an alternate home page template that is more corporate looking. This theme includes featured content sliders, page templates and widgets to provide plenty of room for customizations!

  6. RT Theme 9 (ThemeForest)

    Premium business WordPress theme

    With 5 different skin options, the RT Theme 9 definitely has one that suits you. It is the one theme to go for if you are looking for a powerful and stylish, yet easy to use WordPress theme.

    With lots of options, image / video / swf supports, unlimited sidebars and 2 home page layouts, the RT Theme 9 lets you customize your website’s layout and design exactly the way you want, without needing to learn any programming language. It is ideal for businesses with lots of different products for it allows unlimited products to be displayed in unlimited categories.

  7. Bespoke Pro (Frogstheme)

    Premium business theme

    Bespoke Pro is a simple and clean premium WordPress theme tailored for business websites. This corporate looking theme has a strategically positioned layout with large featured images, professional typography, lots of theme options and page templates for easy customizations.

    Perfect for showcasing products or highlight any important features. Designed to be simple to build and maintain, it does not require special programming skills to use or even to customize this WordPress theme!

  8. Karma (ThemeForest)

    Karma theme

    Karma is one of our favorite and comes with lots of intelligent features that you don’t often see in themes eg incorporating a stunning 3D slider. Navigating and modifying this theme is so easy with the help of over 100 shortcodes that allows for multi-column layouts, stylish buttons insertions and interface tabs employment.

    It has a smooth and clean feel to it and is packed with an amazing 20 different page layouts and the ability to create an unlimited amount of sidebars.

  9. RT-Theme 11 (ThemeForest)

    Corporate theme

    This multi-purpose theme is perfect for those looking for a fresh and contemporary design.

    The RT-Theme 11 comes with 10 premium skin choices with further option to modify or create your own skins, customizable sliders, numerous layout possibilities, product showcase and tabbed product detail pages. Definitely the solution for a company looking for a platform to bring its business to the next level!

  10. Corporate (StudioPress)

    Corporate child theme

    A sleek and classy premium WordPress theme, the Corporate is more than just what meets the eyes. Simple to use and yet highly customizable, the theme allows for modification of the background and header, has 6 different layout options, choice of up to 6 columns etc.

    On top of that, you also have the option to purchase the theme together with the Genesis Framework. What you get in return is search engine optimization (SEO), turn-key designs, security as well as unlimited support and updates.

If you are planning to start a business website or business blog, regardless of whether you are planning to create an online presence or to offer e-commerce features, the last thing you want is to worry about creating the right website. Fortunately, there are loads of premium WordPress business themes like the ones above, which are able to take this stress off you.

The WordPress themes reviewed above are flexible enough to allow customizations to display your products favorably and can be integrated easily with shopping carts and payment gateways, which are what matter the most in business websites!

So, 10 great WordPress themes. I love all of them. But if you want me to pick one of my most favorite, then, I have to go for Studium. You have to check out the theme yourself to see why.

Check out Studium from ThemeForest

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  1. Nice WordPress themes, they really suits businesses. Love them! I wish I can make WordPress themes like that too! Anyway, good job!