6 May 2012
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Best Food Blog WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

Founded in 2002, TemplateMonster is ten years old this year, marking a decade of providing a wide range of design products for the masses. Specializing in template creation, TemplateMonster creates and designs templates for websites and blogs as well as templates in Flash, Flash CMS and Silverlight formats.

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They offer tens of thousands of templates on various topics and designs, so every individual or organization is bound to find their needs met. TemplateMonster is indeed big, having served 1 million customers and 50,000 websites.

Food Blog WordPress Themes

One of TemplateMonster’s most popular products is their food blog themes. With people looking for more interesting eats these days and wanting to know if they would be getting value for their buck, more food blogs are popping up.

If you are keen to write about that joint you had a scrumptious meal at or simply need to rant about a restaurant delivering sub-standard service, you might want to set up a blog to share your food thoughts with the world. You will need a theme, so take your pick from any of TemplateMonster’s best food blog themes.

  1. Good Cook

    Good Cook WordPress theme

    A multi-image slider greets visitors as soon as they arrive on your food blog. Use this slider to post tantalizing images of yummy dishes, which will take visitors to the post upon clicking. Above and below the slides, you’ll find categories arranged neatly, which you could use to categorize your blog posts into types of cuisine, ratings or so on.

    The WordPress theme’s design is interactive, allowing users to go anywhere within the blog with the various menu, categories and links.

  2. Savour

    Food blog WordPress theme

    I love the way the image in the slider changes into the next one, in its slow-motion, tempting kind of way. In the menu bar at the top, post links to each category, your profile or related links. Each blog post is also accompanied with a large image to tempt your readers into clicking to “Read more”. This is a great WordPress theme for food or restaurant related blogs/websites.

  3. Recipes Wreath

    Recipe WordPress theme

    If you are a food blogger or a cook with a good camera, take advantage of this theme to showcase your food photographs! Each post has a snippet accompanied by an image, so use your best pictures to get readers enticed to read the full article.

    This theme doesn’t have an image slider but it doesn’t need one as blog visitors will already be able to view your images as they arrive on your blog.

  4. Recipes Blog

    Recipes blog

    The set of large cutlery on the left of the template spells the message out loud and clear that this is a food blog and it means business! If you prefer a template that is minimal without various functions that you are unlikely to use, then this theme is for you! This this what makes this WordPress theme lean and fast!

    There is also a search function that lets users search your site for their desired items. I believe this theme is great for a recipes blog, just as the theme’s name implies.

  5. Tasty Cooking

    Cooking WordPress theme

    This theme looks somewhat similar to Good Cook but since both looks equally attractive with the use of tantalizing images in the sliders, Tasty Cooking is one of my favorites too.

    There are four choices of background colors to choose from, all from lovely organic-looking shades of orange and brown. There is a snippet accompanied with an image for each post, so take the chance to tempt your readers into reading each entry further. You can even post videos on the sidebar.

  6. Cookery Book

    Cookery Book theme

    A cute animated chef greets visitors at the top of the blog. Somehow, I think this theme goes best with all things from the oven. Maybe it’s that chef which made me think about bread, cupcakes and muffins.

    There are no fancy features in this theme but categories are neatly arranged on the right and keep the blog looking neat, ideal for those who love things simple.

  7. Good Food Recipes Online

    Food blog theme

    I have a weakness for huge image sliders, especially if photos after photos of mouth-watering delicacies won’t stop rotating to make you drool endlessly!

    There are probably many out there who are like me too, so take advantage by showcasing your best shots of your cooking or something delicious that you just ate. When it comes to a food blog, pictures say more than a million words, so make your readers salivate even more with sneak previews of your posts which will be listed on the main page.

  8. Good Cook

    Food WordPress blog

    This is another drooling food blog theme; the only difference between this and the previous one is that the users would have to click on the image that they wish to view. The images would not rotate automatically on the image slider. This works great for readers who prefer things to be less distracting on a website. Another plus point is that you can use lovely pics in the sidebar as links to articles or categories.

  9. Provecho

    Recipes blog WordPress theme

    Links to your best articles are provided in the form of long vertical images, all lined up side by side to entice readers into clicking and finding out further.

    On the left are neatly arranged categories while readers decide which posts they would like to read by looking at the pictures uploaded. If you are all out to woo your readers with images, then this theme is perfect for you.

  10. Cooking School

    Cooking school

    This is one of the best-looking WordPress themes I have come across. You can choose up to 8 images to be rotated in the image slider, all of which will be revealed to your readers in an animated manner. The website menus are located neatly at the top and bottom of the blog, so it is pretty easy to navigate your way around the site.

You might be having a tough time deciding on which theme to get for your blog now, given all the attractive themes that provide an idea of what you can do for your blog too. If so, then simply choose your favorite theme; if you can’t decide, choose two or three for future use! The themes are affordably priced at about $60 each but if you prefer to get it set up and installed for you, the template + installation package will only cost you at slightly over $110.

TemplateMonster packages

You are simply delighted with the template you have chosen; it is so pretty and will make your website one of a kind. Or will it? No, if someone else buys the template too. But don’t worry, you can be the sole website in the world to have such amazing templates if you choose the Buyout option.

The template you have “Buyout” will be removed from the website if you’ve bought it out, so no other food blog will look the same like yours! The price to be exclusively unique is $3000; the investment could be quite worthwhile if you are truly passionate about your blog!


Buying templates from TemplateMonster is easy. Simply click on the “Buy now” button at the top of the page of each template and you will arrive at a page with various purchase options. You can choose to have the template installed for you, install popular WordPress plugins or have a logo customized!

You can even optimize your blog for search engines as well as participate an online course on how to work with WordPress. With so many gorgeous templates with various online help and plugins available, TemplateMonster is a good choice to design and beautify your website!

Check out TemplateMonster Official Website

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