24 March 2012
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15 Awesome Under Construction WordPress Themes

Don’t just wait for your website to be launched to go online. Let visitors have a “sneak preview” when they arrive at your website by using a cool “under constructionWordPress theme. Build some excitement and let them countdown to the launch of your website!

On top of that, there will be some point in time when you may need to bring your website down temporarily to undergo maintenance. Of course you just can’t let your visitors arrive at your website to find it gone! They would think you have absconded or your business or blog and has gone bust! So choose one of these 15 awesome Under Construction WordPress Themes to let your visitors know that your page is under construction or maintenance and that you would be right back.

  1. Ultra Sleek 3D Look

    3D look under construction theme

    As the name suggests, the theme gives site visitors a 3D effect as they land on your page. Only available in black at the moment, more colors will be coming soon.

    A timer displays the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds to your launching but those who can’t wait can sign up to receive updates by registering their email address on the page. The theme is easy to use and install with detailed information prepared for every user.

  2. Ready2Launch

    Ready2launch WordPress theme

    A simple message “We’re sorry! Our website is under construction!” greets visitors as they land on your page. This theme is for those who like it clean and fuss-free.

    Don’t worry that other sites will display similar-looking “under construction” themes as there are 10 templates to choose from! As such, you can always choose a color that best represents your website, product or brand. There is also an option for users to send the webmaster a mail or connect on Twitter.

  3. BeBack

    Beback WordPress theme

    I like this WordPress theme for its progress bar that allows visitors to have an indication of the progress of the website, is really cute and cool!

    There is also a launch date above a timer that counts down in days, hours, minutes and seconds. That’s not all – you can upload a logo of your business or website onto this theme while managing the other aspects of the theme such as text and color customization.

    The developers are also in the midst of bringing to you more functions such as shortcode options, multi-language support, SEO support and multi-layout and style options. This is definitely one of the most informative and feature-rich under construction WordPress themes I have come across.

  4. Influction

    Influction WP theme

    You might be away but that doesn’t mean that marketing has to cease and your blog has come to a stop. You don’t want to be “out of sight, out of mind” either, so let your portfolio greet visitors as they land on your page!

    Influction WP Theme comes with two different showcases that let you show off your work, give previews of what your new site will look like or just anything at all that you would like your visitors to see as they wait for your page to go live again. That’s not all – there are prominent social media links which easily let your visitors spread the word around of your website.

  5. WpLauncher

    WP Launcher

    Made for WordPress users, this theme features a countdown timer and a sign-up form for visitors to receive updates on your website. If you need more than that, find the features at the option panel where you can customize the RSS feed, change the colors of the theme, add widgets or integrate with social media.

  6. Changing Room

    Changing Room WordPress theme

    A cute sign greets your visitors as they land on your page, saying “Please excuse us while we change” – a quirky way of letting your visitors know that your site will be out of reach for a while. Of course, you can change the text if this is not what you want to say.

    There are two colors to choose from and you can choose from the red or blue theme. Just like the other themes, there is an option for visitors to subscribe to updates via RSS or email.

  7. COSoo

    Coming Soon WordPress Theme

    Never mind the strange name that must be standing for “COming Soon”, for this must be one of the most impressive “under construction” themes around.

    It looks so good that if you didn’t notice the “Coming soon” words at the top, the page would look like a functional webpage instead of one being under construction! There is an image slider to display your collection of images, a progress bar, email subscription form, Twitter integration and links to other pages. A timer and launch date lets your fans know when to expect you to be back.

  8. Coming Soon Pages

    Coming soon theme

    This is one of the neatest-looking “Under Construction WordPress themes“. Large numbers countdown to the time until you’ll be back. If you prefer something more colorful, choose from the many color schemes available.

  9. Paper Launch

    Paper Launch

    Announcement of a launch made on paper, that’s what this theme is. A simple timer is set on a page of a spiral bound notebook.

    I am quite fond of this theme despite its simplicity as I have a thing for lined pages out of a notebook! Don’t let its simple looks fool you though for there are 9 color schemes and 15 different background patterns to choose from, so you don’t have to stick with the notebook background all the time. There is also a sign up form as well as buttons that connect to various social media websites.

  10. Road Cone

    Under construction

    This theme takes the concept of road works. Your site visitors will be greeted with a traffic cone upon arrival at your site.

    The features that come with the theme are pretty much the standard ones, namely timer, progress bar, sign up form and social network links. What’s different though is the availability of 12 color schemes – certainly the most colors options I have seen so far.

  11. WPWrench


    An alien-like figure lets you know that the website is under maintenance as you stumble upon the webpage. However, worry not, this alien-like figure is ultra cute! If you don’t need a timer and just want to let your fans know in a plain and no-frills way that you’ll be off for some time, then this free WordPress theme is for you.

  12. XML Coming Soon template

    XML Coming Soon template

    The first thing that came to mind when I took a look at this free WordPress theme was “awww..”. White clouds drift against a baby blue sky, as a bird hops from one clothes peg to another on a clothesline. Each clothes peg holds a button for a social media site; there are 9 buttons altogether for your fans to connect with you. To customize this theme, you can just insert your logo at the top of the page.

  13. OurTuts

    OurTuts free under construction theme

    This is another template that allows you to insert your logo but the features are much less than the XML Coming Soon template above. One plus point is that you can insert your contact details prominently at the top right corner of the page, so your fans have the option of either contacting you directly or signing up to receive updates.

  14. Underflo Constructionz

    Underflo theme

    You could say that this theme is the sister of Road Cone, for they both use road works props to illustrate their theme. Underflo Constructionz is as good as Road Cone in terms of features where you could click on the buttons to take you to the homepage, get help or fill up a contact form. There are also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Digg buttons for your fans to link up with you.

  15. Chronos

    Coming soon WordPress template

    This theme is simply unique, so much that it doesn’t look at all like a website that is down for maintenance, or is not yet launched.

    The theme’s layout looks professional with the “countdown to launch” progress bar neatly arranged on top of a Twitter feed. The progress bar itself is interesting: A text box with the percentage of work completed moves towards the ‘finishing line’ that says ‘Launch’. A very unique WordPress theme indeed. Check out the theme!

There you go, the search for the best under construction WordPress themes has been done for you should you need to let your website go offline for maintenance purposes some day.

My personal favorites are the XML Coming Soon theme for its cute graphics and COSoo for its enhanced look and cool features. Whatever it is that you’re looking for – simple or feature-packed, colorful or monotone – there is bound to be something that you’ll love. Check out the top 15 themes above!

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