27 August 2011
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WordPress Support Theme from WooThemes

More often than not, web based help desks or support websites are guilty of making the same basic mistake. That is; the webpage designers often end up creating sites that are impossible to use efficiently without support sites of their own. It does not matter how much money have been expended into the website’s construction, it does not matter if the designers have pedigrees a mile long or are just fresh graduates from design school, usability have to be key. If this simple tenet is not followed, the website would be essentially useless.

A Support Theme Built on WordPress

WordPress Support Theme

This is where SupportPress from WooThemes comes into the picture. WooThemes have a history of creating elegant and functional themes at bargain prices and they certainly do not disappoint as well with SupportPress.

At a purchase price of $200, SupportPress is admittedly priced slightly higher than other themes from WooThemes. However, rest assured that all the extra functionality and goodies that come with it more than justify the initial investment.

It also makes more financial cents to DIY your own online help desk using WordPress and SupportPress instead of hiring web designers which can cost up to 30 times more!

SupportPress Features that I like

  • Ticketing Support

    A dependable ticketing system is a must in any self-respecting help desk and it is no different with SupportPress. Through SupportPress, tickets can be submitted and monitored by users while your agents classify those tickets according to their importance and delegate actions to their team members. An intuitive front-end form is used to add new tickets while customers are advised to diligently search and cross-reference the knowledgebase to prevent duplicate tickets from arising.

  • Knowledgebase

    It is a big enough drain on resources just to handle the daily legitimate requests or queries that help desks routinely face without having to deal with duplicate tickets that constantly arises. With Knowledgebase, your administrators can avoid being too stressed out as users can be advised to research the online database themselves before submitting any queries. If what they need is unavailable or there are no suitable resources to meet their requirements, they can then raise their queries.

    Knowledgebase articles come with its own rating system whereby article deemed to be useful can be rated as such by fellow users.

  • Smart Dashboard

    With the capability to adapt to the users currently using the site, Smart Dashboard displays intelligence with advanced AI for users and administrators of the site. The dashboard is user friendly and easy to use, thanks to their user experience team. Guests will be presented with registration forms enabling them to submit new tickets while administrators would be granted access to a statistical overview of the system.

  • Alerts

    With this feature, administrators are given the ability to post on the homepage whenever maintenance is scheduled. A huge influx of tickets can therefore be avoided after the maintenance timeframe is over.

  • Messages

    Communication with your web administrators has never been easier with SupportPress. This WordPress theme simplifies the management of private information too while you are at it. Think of it as a private blog, one accessible only by your teammates.

  • Mobile Optimization

    A larger and larger percentage of internet surfing is done via mobile devices and steps have been taken to ensure the ultimate user experience whether you are viewing the site via a widescreen LCD monitor or the much smaller screen of an iPhone. SupportPress WordPress theme is optimized for mobile devices.

  • Custom email notifications

    To exude an air of professionalism and elegance, the first thing to do is to create seamless integration between the design philosophies of SupportPress and WordPress and this has been achieved right up to the look and feel of your members’ inboxes. You can see that with SupportPress, no detail is ever too small to go unnoticed.

  • Ticket content are added to Knowledgebase

    Once the issue of a ticket had been dealt with and resolved, you want an easy and convenient way to turn it into a Knowledgebase entry and there is indeed a simple way to do it – just at the click of a button!

  • Advanced HTML5 and CSS3

    The most up to date HTML5 and CSS3 code have been used in the design of this theme; don’t understand the terminology? You don’t have to take my word for it. Try it out over at the WooThemes Playground to see if it suits your needs!

Users who have had experience with themes from WooThemes would be familiar with the other accompanying features of SupportPress. This include (but are not limited to) localized translating abilities, cross-browser compatibility as well as backend theme options. Want to know what else you can do with SupportPress? Head over to the homepage of WooThemes right now!

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