27 March 2012
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Online Shops WordPress Theme

If you have an online business selling pretty dresses or skirts, shoes or trinkets, home decoration products or just any item at all, the Shelflife theme would be perfect for you. Why so? It’s because on the homepage, there are sections for you to feature your product images and descriptions of various products under the “featured products“, “popular products” and “recent products” headers.


As Shelflife was created with e-commerce businesses in mind, there are a lot of features that make browsing, buying and selling a breeze and an enjoyable experience. Below are some of the best features of this online shops WordPress theme which I like the most.

  • 3 Products Showcase Area

    Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and decorative items are items that people buy on impulse. This means that they do not plan to buy such things but would do so when something catches their eyes. As such, it is very important to highlight your products attractively to capture the interest of your site visitors!

    The Shelflife theme is one of the themes with the best layouts for product features. On the homepage, you can insert a large image of a featured product, beside a series of smaller images of popular products. This way, you are bound to grab the attention of anyone dropping by your site (whether your products interest them or not is another matter)!

  • Product Carousel and Intuitive Slider

    There are more functions that allow you to “bombard” your site visitors with as many images as possible. The more they see, the higher likelihood of them seeing something they like and better sales for you!

    The product carousel and intuitive slider rotates your product images automatically, and increases the exposure of site visitors to your products. Not only that, the carousel and slider also serve to grab people’s attention through the movement of pictures!

  • Shopping Made Easy

    Shelflife is a WooCommerce theme, which comes with all the features that make order management, checking out and payment a breeze. Every theme created under the WooCommerce range comes with product descriptions, product categories, shopping carts, checkout and user account sections.

    You don’t have to receive orders the painful way of getting your customers to email you the item code, quantity, contacts details and delivery address for they can simply put these details in when they click “buy now”. These features also build trust in your potential customers as they know that their financial transactions are secure.

  • Widgetized Sidebar

    You can insert all sorts of applications and links in the widgetized sidebar. For instance, you might want to insert Facebook and Twitter widgets which your customers can click to share your site/products on their pages and the Subscribe & Connect buttons that let your visitors receive updates from you automatically. You can also add a search function which comes in handy for users to look for something on your website.

  • Viewable on All Gadgets

    You don’t have to worry about your website not being displayed properly if you use the Shelflife screen. Regardless of the widths or resolutions of the devices your users use, your website will scale to fit nicely. With that, all your meticulously uploaded images will continue to display well on whatever device that people use to visit your website!

  • Customize Your Online Shop

    The default fonts in the Shelflife theme is Bitterfont but if you prefer something “sweeter”, choose from any of the Google Fonts that the theme is compatible with. This way, you stay different from other websites.

    That’s not all; you can also customize various other areas of the WordPress theme, for example the colors for the background, links, buttons and images! This theme is highly customizable!

Online shops WordPress theme

Shelflife is one of the best showcasing themes around for the layout is clean, simple and makes maneuvering the website easy. If you think Shelflife is the right theme for your website and are just about to purchase it, you might want to consider joining the WooThemes theme club instead. Why?

For just a nominal sum, you’ll be entitled to the entire collection of WooThemes, inclusive of the new soon-to-be-released themes and plugins!

WooThemes pricing

You’ll never know when your site needs a change in look or who knows, you could use the themes for another business venture you have in the future. If you’re happy with the Shelflife theme, it is almost certain that you’d be pleased with the rest of WooThemes’ products too.

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  1. Tom says:

    Very nice and useful theme for wordpress, I will use it for my website someday. Thanks for sharing!