27 February 2012
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Olya WordPress Theme for Business Websites

Olya has one of the richest homepages that would benefit any website owner who would like their homepages to carry as much information as possible to greet their site visitors as they land on the homepage. Businesses, particularly photographers, designers or just anyone with a portfolio to boast, stand to benefit the most from this theme.

WooThemes Olya

Click on the image above to preview this awesome WordPress theme.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make Olya a good choice of WordPress theme for business websites.

Informative homepage with optional modules

On the homepage, you’ll be able to display large amounts of information such as mini-features, snippets of blog entries complete with images, a summary of your portfolio and a slider to give site visitors a sneak preview of your best work. Should you decide someday to keep your homepage simpler, just disable any of the features above which are all stored as modules.

The Olya theme gives you the option of having both an information-rich homepage as well as a simple and clean one. The choice is yours and you can make the switch with a few mouse-clicks within the control panel.

Neat portfolio presentation

Your portfolio is featured in three sections – the slider, a summary placed beneath the slider and a template that houses the rest of the portfolios. With these three options, your site visitors and potential clients will be amply exposed to your work. As soon as they arrive on your homepage, they will be greeted by the slider and portfolio summary, which they can explore further to the rest of the portfolios if they like what they’ve seen.

The user-friendly navigation system makes portfolio-viewing easy and orderly, so your site visitors will find browsing your portfolio a breeze.

Detailed contact page

It is very important for a business to be easily contactable by potential customers. Failure to list contact details as well as a provision of a contact method could result in customers losing their interest to purchase.

Olya was designed specifically with businesses in mind, so you’ll be able to display an address, a Google Map pointing to your location and a contact form for customers to get in touch with you. To connect better with your fans, post the profiles of your team members as well as links to their blogs and other social pages on a team page.

Large and responsive slider

WordPress slider

The first item that your site visitors will set their eyes on upon arrival on your website is the slider that takes up a significant top proportion of the website. Take advantage of this large slider by placing images that would captivate the attention of your visitors and make them subsequently purchase.

The slider is powered by the fully responsive FlexSlider, allowing your slider images to be displayed well on any mobile device.

Viewable on all Mobile Devices

Websites using an Olya theme will be accessible on smartphones and tablets as the design will scale to fit on all widths and resolutions of browsers. You don’t have to worry about your website not displaying properly or certain features failing to work.

Being an e-commerce website, it is extremely important for your website to be accessible on various devices in order not to lose out on sales. With the influx of smartphones and tablets users these days, you’d certainly not want to miss reaching out to these groups. Olya is a fully responsive WordPress theme!

Customize your fonts and layout

Responsive layout

If the default font of Lobster, Droid Sans and Droid Serif don’t appeal to you, simply choose any available font that meets your fancy. Olya fully supports Google Fonts too, so there are even more choices for you to choose from. Not only are the fonts customizable but the background colors, images, button colors and setting links can all be changed rather easily within the control panel.

If you are shopping around for a theme for your e-commerce website, give the Olya theme some serious consideration as it is packed with features meant for business websites.

You will certainly benefit from an informative homepage and a detailed contact page. Once you have made a decision to purchase, you might want to consider subscribing to the rest of WooThemes as a member.

Being a member entitles you to hundred of professional WordPress themes in the WooThemes collection, as well as those that will be released monthly. If you decide not to, you will also receive two free themes on top of the Olya theme you have purchased anyway.

Either way, you’re a winner. 🙂

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