9 August 2011
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Magazine WordPress Theme – Editorial

Flexibility. That is the one thing that sets the Editorial WordPress Theme apart from the many other WordPress themes. This new theme is the latest creation of WooThemes, one of the top providers of quality WordPress themes, and has since received many good reviews from critics and WordPress users.

Editorial is trumpeted as a magazine theme, combining stunning visuals and traditional print publication layout. It offers lots of features and the flexibility for users to mix and match. A quick research online would reveal that most themes in the market these days allow the users a certain level of flexibility when it comes to theme customization, e.g. you have a choice on the number of columns or the places where you want the widgets to sit or the overall styles. The Editorial provides all these flexibilities too… and beyond. It provides the users the freedom to customize EACH post, making each post uniquely styled!

Editorial Magazine Theme

Editorial Theme Features

Users are able to choose how they want the individual post layout to be columnized. The “edit post screen” function provides you with a few vertical columns options i.e. full-width, traditional blog (single column with a side bar), 3-column, 2 column, 2-column with the right side wider and 2-column with the left side wider. On top of that, users get to decide where to “add column break“. This means that you will no longer be “forced” to accept automatic column break. Instead, you can determine where you want the column to end and where the next should start to allow for a more exceptional post layout. Very flexible WordPress template indeed!

These aside, the Editorial theme also has loads of other awesome features. Here’s a look at just a few of them.

Magazine theme editorial

  • Featured Post Slider

    The Editorial theme is one of the few great themes that places emphasize on content, being a magazine theme and all. With this in mind, the Woo Themes have added a post slider feature which you can use to highlight selected posts on your site. A very cool tool to have to distinguish your blog from the others. It lends a professional look to the site too while providing easy maneuvering around.

    You can use the options panel and the customs settings panel to determine the specific slide effects to create a more unique feel to your site.

  • Recent News Module

    In line with it being a magazine theme, WooThemes’ Editorial has an AJAX tabber that allows you to highlight your latest posts. With this tool, you can include a picture and a short summary on the post and a “Read More” link. All you need to do is determine the specific categories that you wish the latest posts to be highlighted from. This module is helpful when you have quite a number of categories and a readership with diversify interest as it provides easy access for your readers who can zoom into those categories that they are interested in.

  • Custom Widgets

    There are many widgets to choose from to keep even the most difficult blogger happy, from common ones like RSS, AJAX Calendar and Akismet to customized Woo Widgets such as Adspace Widget, Search, Embed/Video and Twitter Stream. Locations wise, there are fairly many areas where you could place the widgets with up to 4 in the footer area and 1 at the sidebar.

  • Cross-browser Compatible

    We have come across quite a few themes that do not run well in certain browsers, which is quite unfortunate. These days, readers have choices and they get to decide which browser(s) they want to use. Hence, it is extremely important that the themes you choose are compatible with the more popular ones such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. (Well, basically most popular browsers!) And we are happy to say that the Editorial does.

With the many features and a lifetime support that you will be getting from Woo Themes, you can now boast of having a (or some) professionally looking magazine site with all the flexibility that you have always wanted without the need to learn coding and programming languages! So hop over here now for a free demo on the theme or here if you wish to purchase it.

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    Nice magazine based theme. Can I post a video in the slider?