6 October 2011
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Delicious Magazine from WooThemes

As bloggers who know their trade would realize, WooThemes is the indisputable market leader in the production of quality WordPress themes. The themes they offer have a reputation for being easy and user-friendly besides offering you a variety of features.

Apart from that, themes from the company are also designed to be suitable for a wide range of uses. Therefore, whenever you purchase a theme from WooThemes, you can be sure that you are getting good value for your money. Delicious Magazine is a well-designed Magazine theme from WooThemes. Read on to find out exactly what you will be getting when you purchase this theme.

Delicious Magazine Theme

Delicious Magazine Theme Features

  • Customizable typography and fonts

    Although the ability to individually customize typing fonts is a common feature in all modern themes, the feature in Delicious Magazine certainly upped the ante in terms of customizability and style. Not only is every single typography in the theme changeable, full support for Google Fonts is also provided in the font selector.

  • Posts of the day

    May be you have just finished typing a blog post which you feel particularly great about. To ensure that this post and other worthy ones are given their due attention, this feature enables you to highlight three posts on your site. Besides that, you also have the ability to add in special visual effects such as auto-rotate or fade transition. All these can be easily managed and controlled via the options panel.

  • Alternative styles

    With up to 9 alternative color schemes to choose from, you can now gain full control over the look and feel of the theme. The color options can also be previewed in the demo. Besides that, with Delicious Magazine, you can also adjust the background image and button colors to suit your own personal liking!

  • Specialized widgets

    WooThemes designers have incorporated a total of 5 widgetized areas, 4 in the footer and another in the sidebar. As is customary with Woo Widgets, a plethora of options are available and these include Adspace Widget, Embed/Video and Twitter Stream.

    If you wish to publicize your own personal information, you also have the option of creating a blog author info widget to display that information. In my opinion, this is indeed very convenient and well-thought off.

  • Secondary featured area

    If you believe that you have more than three posts which is worthy of attention, more can be displayed in this area. Moreover, the latest posts to date can also be displayed prominently on the homepage through a 2 column layout.


Based on the proprietary WooFramework

Similar with all themes from WooThemes, Delicious Magazine which is created by Chris Rowe is also based on the proprietary WooFramework. This means that the basic which every blogger will need are most certainly guaranteed to be included in the package. Such abilities include compatibility with a wide range of browsers, search engine optimization features and even localized translation.

It is important that all themes from WooThemes are based on the same common framework to ensure consistency of quality across the wide range of themes which they offer. Furthermore, such a move will also make it easier for long-term users to adopt the latest theme because the user experience remains fundamentally consistent.

If you are impressed with what this theme has to offer or just anxious to gain access to all the great themes in the WooThemes portfolio, there are two possible purchase options.

  • For a start, you could just purchase Delicious Magazine as an individual theme for a one-time payment of $70 (standard price).
  • Alternatively, at just $15 a month, you can use all the themes which WooThemes have ever designed. At the time of writing, there are 104 themes in WooTheme’s collection!

WooThemes pricing

The portfolio is also growing at a rate of 2 or 3 new themes per month and you can rest assured that any new themes would be available for your usage too! Naturally, there is a startup fee to pay at the onset. Nevertheless, with all the premium features which you will gain usage of, the pricing at $125 is certainly most reasonable indeed! Remember, you can download and use all their 104 themes in their collection!

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