1 August 2011
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Business Theme from WooThemes

When it comes down to choosing a theme for your business blog or website, there is hardly a better choice than the Empire Theme, a versatile and multi-functional creation from WooThemes. Usually, with designs for business-themed websites, substance takes precedence over style. However, with the Empire Theme, there is no reason why you cannot have the best of both worlds. You want to exude the aura of zeal and single-minded professionalism you have in your services or products; not to put off potential clients with cheesy, tasteless designs nor to give them the expression that you are all show and no real talent!

Empire WordPress Theme

What you need is a theme that is highly customizable to suit your unique needs, yet retains enough of the elegance and style that are the foremost thoughts in mind during its design. In short, Empire is the ultimate choice for the business or corporate website and blog.

Why we like the Empire Theme?

Although essentially another business theme with the quality and class that users have come to expect from WooThemes, Empire is not just any normal theme. Encompassing the best of WooThemes design’s philosophy, Empire introduces several unique features that would be at the core of all future themes.

WooThemes features

  • Featured slider

    With this simple yet innovative feature in your website, all your products or work pieces can be showcased with style and glamor. A convenient overview can also be generated for the benefit of your viewers with the optional slider pagination available, all powered by jQuery!

  • Customized design

    Let your website stands out from the others on the Internet with the various customization modules at your disposal in the Empire theme. From mini-features that you might deign to add or a testimonial module for your grateful clients, there is practically so much that this WordPress theme can do.

  • Portfolio Page Template

    Utilizing the proprietary jQuery prettyPhoto script to display your work in a light box, this feature is essentially an integrated portfolio section. Such a feature has the added advantage of being driven by custom post types.

  • Team Page Template

    Each and every one of the employees in your company, or if you wish; just a few specific ones can be featured on a custom designed team specific page. Doing this is as simple as setting them up as WordPress users of the site and then adding their social links such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Custom Post Types

    With this feature, adding slides, feedback and portfolio posts have never been easier! With Empire, you can be rest assured that you are getting the most out of the new custom post type’s functionality that came with WordPress 3.0.

  • Custom Typography

    Full support is available for Google Fonts in the font selector, giving you the ability to customize the typography of the theme to suit your needs and liking.

  • Custom Widgets

    Other features in the arsenal that Empire possesses include a widgetized sidebar (that you can even include on the home page), 3 homepage specific widgetized regions, along with 4 footer regions. As is standard with a theme from WooThemes, the theme comes complete with 8 custom Woo Widgets. They are Ad Space, Blog Author, WooTabs, Subscribe, Feedback, Search, Flickr and Twitter.

  • Alternative Styles

    5 alternative color styles which can be previewed in the demo are included in the numerous features of this theme, while styling options for background color/image and setting link and button color are also available.

Along with the features that have been listed and reviewed above, Empire also comes with all the capabilities of the WooFramework on which it had been built and based on. These include; custom shortcodes, sidebar manager, custom navigation, built-in SEO options, backend theme options, cross-browser compatibility, auto-sizing thumbnails, localized translations and custom page templates.

Business Theme

Try Before You Buy

With WooThemes, if you are unsure that the theme you are eying suits your need, you can simply head over to their Playground to test it out, ensuring no lingering doubts or regrets after your purchase. This is a capability unmatched by other competing WordPress theme clubs!

So if you are looking for a suitable business theme for your website or company, hesitate no more and head over to WooThemes!

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