1 February 2012
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Best Theme for WooCommerce

It is interesting how a company can be set up by three web designers based in three different countries. WooThemes was set up by Adii based in Cape Town, Magnus in Norway and Mark who is half British and half South African. They are joined by a young team of caliber, all working to deliver WordPress themes which will make websites look great and professional, yet are easy to work with and customize, just as what WooThemes’ founders wanted when they started the company.

E-commerce WordPress Theme

WooThemes has a whole range of theme to suit the needs of every customer. So if you have a business website or a magazine or multimedia blog to share, you can choose from the themes created especially for the purpose. If you want to showcase your portfolio or set up an online store, WooThemes has themes for these too.

What are WooCommerce Themes?

WooCommerce is the range of WordPress themes designed specifically for online stores or e-commerce. If you have an online store or e-commerce website, you should consider one of the WooCommerce themes because these are built with features such as payment gateways, products and inventory, customers’ orders and admin and many other typical e-commerce features, which would empower your website. The themes come with smart dashboard widgets too that allow you to monitor incoming sales, store performance and statistics all from the WordPress dashboard.

Sliding E-commerce WordPress Theme

If you have an e-commerce store that sells clothing, accessories, household products or just anything else that you would need to show a lot of pictures of to your potential customers, the Sliding theme is perfect for you. From the WooCommerce range of online stores themes, Sliding has all the functions and features that every store owner would want – plugins for product categories, product descriptions, cart, checkout, user account sections and many more!

Best sellers

Why I like this WordPress theme?

What makes Sliding my favorite is the feature that gave it its name. Upon arriving at the website, a product carousel of 5 large images greets you at the top of the page. This is where I selected 5 of my best products to be displayed. Then there is an arrow to the right, which will reveal another 5 more images upon clicking. I thought that this feature is excellent and gives my website a really professional look; it reminds me of those clothing websites by Zara, MNG and so forth.

It is not just the sliding images in the theme that I am fond of; there are other powerful features that complement the layout well. Let’s discuss about them below.

Custom Homepage

It isn’t just the product carousel that slides. Under this are two intuitive sliders, “New products” and “Best products”, you can show your visitors your products accordingly. These sliders make me think of the iPhone when you have to slide your finger across the screen to unlock it; I thought that it would be fun for site visitors to drag the bar across to view more images.

These sliders make featuring your best products so much easier and more interesting. I believe these features will boost your store’s sale greatly!

Sticky Note and Sale Banner Shortcodes

Just imagine how eye-catching it would be if you had a sticky note in your website. It is definitely attention-drawing, so use this to highlight sales and promotions or to make an announcement. Sliding has a custom shortcode that allows you to do this. There is another shortcode too, a sale banner, which serves the similar purpose of notifying customers of a special offer.

Highlight Promotion or Discounted Items

With this feature, you can add a “Sale!” tag beside the description of your item. Just imagine if you are a shopper. The word “Sale” catches your attention, right? That’s what you want to do on your website – draw attention to items that are up at special prices (or maybe if they aren’t really on discount!).

Customer-Friendly Theme

Site visitors will find it easy to find their way around a Sliding-themed website. The menu sits right at the top, where customers can learn about the company, see the products by category, view their orders or access the company’s blog, if there is one.

This is a very user-friendly E-commerce theme.

WordPress theme E-commerce

Color Customization

The color of a website is important. You don’t want a pink website if you are selling men’s facial products and you don’t want to have the colors of your competitors. To ensure that you have a color to match your brand or the impression that you want to project, several color themes have been built into the Sliding templates. You can easily change the theme’s color from the dashboard.

I think the Sliding theme is great for those who likes to show a lot of photos for their products. People always prefer pictures than words, so take the opportunity to generate interest and increase sales with the Sliding theme which also comes with every feature that an online store would need. Check out this WordPress theme, another great work from WooThemes!

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