4 August 2011
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E-Commerce WordPress Theme – StoreBox from Templatic

Do you believe you have a great idea for the next big E-Commerce store? Do you think you can replicate and emulate the success of big names in the industry like eBay, Craiglist and eBuyer? Or do you have great products that you would think would have mass market appeal yet no medium to market them through? What you need is the StoreBox WordPress Theme from Templatic to turn your ideas from high minded aspirations to reality!

StoreBox E-Commerce Theme

Too many beginner online marketers or Internet retailers fail to realize the importance of marketing skills in their attempts to make it big in the industry. They fail to make the connection that just as a brick and mortar storefront with no physical appeal would attract little to no customers; and an ill-designed website would bring about the same downfall too.

Retail psychology plays an important role in marketing regardless of the medium it takes place through and it is the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs to use these situations to his/her own advantage.

Studies have shown repeatedly that when an Internet user is attracted to a product he/she sees on the Internet, the next few minutes of his online retail experience plays a crucial role in determining whether he/she will make a purchase. If the customer is made to search for payment options, shipping information and other such menial details, he might get put off to the point that he decides not to purchase the product.

WordPRess Ecommerce theme

To remedy this issue and to prevent your online store and E-Commerce site from generating negative reviews from irate users, a well-designed website should be a foremost priority. Although quality templates can cause up to thousands from skilled designers, there is a cheaper and easier option to go for. Enter StoreBox from Templatic Themes.

StoreBox E-Commerce WordPress Theme

Using just WordPress, StoreBox gives you the capability to build an E-Commerce site guaranteed to give your customers the best online shopping experience, all at a very low price. Below are some of the features that you will get with this unbelievable theme.

  • Auto Install

    Themes from Templatic differentiate themselves from other competitors in the sense that they give consumers the ability to use them straight out of the box. The days where a user have to set up every detail bit by bit is long gone and you can be sure that usability was a foremost priority in the design of this theme. Of course, if you are old-school and prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, StoreBox gives you the freedom to customize every features to your liking!

  • Various Products Display + Products Attributes

    With StoreBox, you never need to worry that you are getting in way over your head with the number of products you are carrying. Each and every one of them can be categorized neatly while product images can also be included. You also have the ability of setting the product weight, colors, price, tax, and quantity. Different prices for different sizes, colors, etc. can also be easily set.

  • Payment Gateways and Shipping Options

    As had been mentioned above, customers do not enjoy locating information about payment and shipping details. With this E-Commerce theme, you can stop worrying. PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, WorldPay, bank transfer, and Cash on Delivery or whichever payment method you like can all be configured as payment gateway choices. Pick anyone you prefer and through the interface given, set it to your own personal preferences. All with zero coding skills!

  • Tax Management

    Percentage or a flat tax rates where applicable can be specified through the handy StoreBox admin page. In the event that your online shopping site acquires an international customer base, different tax amounts for varying locations can be set individually without any problems.

  • Affiliates Management

    Through this affiliate feature, you can easily keep track of the people who are helping to market your product and reward them accordingly. To ensure no disputes, sales records of affiliate members can be tracked while commission percentages can also be displayed prominently. Sales reports can also be generated for you to do statistical analysis.

  • Professional E-Commerce Design

    Also available with StoreBox is a versatile design system and framework which offers you the capability to modify your site layout every now and then to keep it in line with the latest design philosophies.

Ecommerce WordPress theme

Also included in Thematic Themes are features such as a user registration system, choice of grid view or list view for products, order management and coupon codes.

To see a complete list of exciting features, check out the theme’s official page.

Editor’s Thoughts

The deal breaker for us however, is the email notifications option which you can activate to automatically send out email alerts to the relevant parties for important events such as order received, order processed, and payment being approved or rejected. With this sort of automated features, managing your e-commerce website will be much easier and hassle free!

We really like this theme as it will help you to create an E-Commerce site that not only has great features and functionalities, but also looks elegant yet user friendly. Do check out this cool theme on Thematic Themes!

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