29 September 2011
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Premium WordPress Theme – Elegance

Shopping for a WordPress theme for your blog? Well, here are some good news and some not so good news. The good news is that these days, there are so many quality themes out there for you to choose from and at a lower price compared to just a few years ago. And the bad news? Well, there are just so many choices in the market today that you may have trouble choosing one.

Should you go for a simple theme or a creative theme? Do you wish to change your website’s design every few months? Which theme designer gives a better deal? There are many factors that will influence your choice. We do understand your plight hence, we undertook the mission to test out the themes and share the results with you!

Premium WordPress theme - Elegance

Elegant WordPress Theme from Solostream

We recently checked out one of SoloStream’s premium WordPress themes; the WP-Elegance. Like its name suggests, this theme is elegant and stylish but not to the point of being complicated. In fact, it is pretty simple and flexible with lots of room for modification and what we love most, customization! This is the main reason why this theme is suitable for personal blogs, business websites or online magazine sites. Here are more of what we found about this theme.

  • Page Layout Options

    With the WP-Elegance theme, you have various options on how you want your home page layout, posts layout and page layouts to be. If you are planning to use this theme for your personal blog, then you can choose the standard blog layout as your home page layout. In this case, your articles or rather the summary or teasers of your articles, will be stacked on top of each other in your home page.

    You can also choose other layouts i.e. to have your posts aligned side by side and for business and online magazine sites, to have the articles arranged by category side by side or arranged by category and stacked. And if you are wondering, yes, you can determine the number of categories and the number of posts per category to be included in your home page. So it all boils down to your preference and how you would want your site to look like. This is a very flexible WordPress theme!

  • Multiple Featured Content Modules

    Just like the page layout options above, you can customize this feature content on your home page, individual posts or individual pages. For example, you can tag a few of your best articles, videos or pictures to be featured on your home page.

    Featured content is useful when you want to attract the attention of visitors, especially first time visitors to your site. Researchers found that most surfers do not stay on a certain page for more than a few seconds so grabbing their attention is crucial. And nothing shouts louder than featured articles, videos or an image gallery, right?

  • Built-In Banner Ads And Widgets

    There are various places you can place the banner ads, at the header, the sidebars as well as at the footer. You can choose the banner size that fits your advertisements. As for widgets, which is probably what you would be wondering too, there are many widgets that you can add, and these includes Feedburner, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube video widgets and many more! This lists is sure to make a lot of site owners happy.

From what we have found, the WP-Elegance theme is filled with lots of features that help you create a unique site instantly with just a few clicks of the mouse. Besides what we have mentioned above, there are other equally fantastic features like the pages and articles sliders, built-in author page and so forth. It provides a good balance of style and functionality, which makes it is one of our favorite themes. Check it out and we are sure that it will be your favorite too.

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