28 April 2012
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Female Blog WordPress Themes

While men have their techie, gadgets and auto blogs, women have fashion sites, blogshops, parenting tips & blogs and celebrity news to occupy themselves while online. Women are lesser fans of IT and technology, so they would like things simple and easy that takes them directly to what they want, minus all the fuss.

WP Venus

So if you have a website whose target audience is women, you should consider a simple yet appealing theme like WP-Venus from Solostream. Even the name itself indicates that the theme was created with women in mind. So what exactly is it about this theme that women would find so attractive?

  • The warm feeling

    Greet your female visitors with a soft-colored website. WP-Venus comes in 4 different colors, all of them pastel and sweet-looking just like candy. There are burgundy, teal, blue and default, which is a lovely shade of lilac, so you can change the colors of your theme as often as you want according to the mood and season!

    I myself personally love these colors very much! Great WordPress theme for Venus!

  • The eye-catching image slider

    Women’s purchases are most often made on impulse.

    They come, they see, they buy. So make full use of the large image slider at the top of the page. Choose 5 of your best products and highlight them to your site visitors. They won’t miss these sliding images as it is the first thing that they see upon arrival on your homepage and the ever-rotating images are eye-catching too.

  • The portfolio page

    If you’re a wedding photographer, use the template to host your portfolio. If you don’t have a collection of work, use this template to showcase your products instead. The template allows you to categorize your images, making it easy for your visitors to browse or search through them.

  • The YouTube videos page template

    You might have some videos to show your visitors, maybe on the many ways they can wear your dress or how to feed your baby the right way.

    Instead of uploading these videos one by one to your WordPress blog, you can post them on YouTube and then use this page template to gather and arrange them for your site visitors to see. By doing so, you’d present all your videos neatly in an organized manner as well as reach out to the YouTube community.

  • The widgets

    Widgets make it easier for you to add features and functions to your blog. Among the many available widgets in this female WordPress theme are featured page, category post widget, subscription form widget, YouTube post widget and footer widget.

    In short, many of the standard widgets available in Solostream’s themes are available in this theme too.

  • The author’s page

    It is helpful when your site visitors know who’s behind the scenes. The author’s page (sometimes called the About Us page) is very important to personalize a blog or website. After knowing more about you, your site visitors will feel that they are able to relate to you better.

    For instance, if you are a mother of three young children yourself, then other mummies would know that you are dishing out advice from experience rather than someone who is just preaching off the books.

    The author’s page is for you to let people know of your experience and qualifications too especially if you think that it would boost your site visits and purchases, whichever your objective is.

Women theme

If you want a fuss-free website that is easy to handle and customize on your own, WP-Venus is the solution. WP-Venus is simple and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry if you are a female (or male) with no technical knowledge.

This WordPress theme is compatible with the latest WordPress versions, works with all popular WordPress plugins, is search engine optimized and allows various customizations. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about those issues but can simply focus on your website. If you do get stuck anyhow, you can get in touch with Solostream support personnel who are ever-ready to help you!

WP-Venus is one of the best themes created for the ladies in mind!

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