18 September 2011
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Clean WordPress Theme – WP-Clear

Looking for a clean-cut and no-nonsense premium WordPress theme? Here is one that has captured a lot of attention for its clean and professional looking layout. Introducing the WP-Clear theme (version 2.0), brought to you by the guys at SoloStream. In fact, it is one of their more popular themes. With all these raves about the WP-Clear, we decided to check it out ourselves.

Clean WordPress theme - Solostream

At first glance, it gives the impression that it is a magazine theme and a beautifully done one too. It has minimal design, which allows your readers to focus on your content rather than being overwhelmed by complicated designs. We are impressed by the clever way in utilizing space. The beauty of this theme is that it is loaded with features and on top of that, has a built-in control panel that makes this theme so versatile. Customization is so simple that with just a few clicks, you are able to convert this theme to suit your blog or online business.

WP-Clear WordPress Theme Demo & Details

Here, we share with you some of our favorite features.

  • Featured Content Slider

    The featured content is probably the first thing that will grab your readers’ attention. All you need to do is to activate the “Featured Page on Home Page” settings (yes, you do have a choice here). You can then proceed to identify the number of articles together with their respective images or even videos, which you would like to feature on your home page. Once this is done, you can select the type of slider you want.

    This slider sits at the top of the home page and you once again, have a choice, to choose either “Narrow Featured Content Glider” or “Full Width Featured Content Glider”.

  • Widgets and Banner Ads

    We like the number and type of widgets choices that you get with this theme i.e YouTube videos widget, Category Post widget and Footer widgets. There are just so much that you can add to make your site more informative and you can decide where you want to place them!

    For those intending to include banner ads, you can easily upload them too. You can also freely dictate where to place them and how big or small you want your ads to be. Didn’t we say it was a very flexible theme?

  • Theme Customization

    One of the concerns about generally available themes (premium or not) is that your site may end up looking like others. But the WP-Clear’s wide range of features makes it possible to customize your site to reflect a more unique one. For example, you can change the layout options e.g the number of columns.

    A business logo helps gain instant public recognition but there are many online business owners who had lamented that it is difficult to upload their logos onto their blogs. We tested this out on Wp-Clear and found that uploading is very easy and does not require any programming skills at all!

  • Thumbnails For Featured Posts

    A lovely feature in this theme is the option to add thumbnails for featured posts on the home page. A picture says a thousand words so why not add them to your site. And no, it’s not difficult to add them as this feature is fully automated. You can just select the image you want to use as the thumbnail and the theme will take care of the rest for you.

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SoloStream’s WP-Clear is designed for those who are looking for user-friendly and professionally looking themes. It is clean and straight forward and designs are kept to a minimum. This way, your readers are able to concentrate on your contents without the feeling of being over-powered by the site’s design.

Unlike many themes in the market, the WP-Clear come with many features to give you the flexibility to modify it to suit your site. It is indeed simplicity at its best.

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17 responses on “Clean WordPress Theme – WP-Clear

  1. is it available for free download??

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Apna,
      Sorry, this is a premium WordPress theme. It’s available at $79 from Solostream. Alternatively, you can join their membership at $129 per year and you get to download ALL their themes.

  2. Hassan Raza says:

    I installed the theme at my blog “www.createchpro.com”. Having problem with the thumbnail and featured image.

    I have featured images for each post but they do not appear as thumbnails. How to make thumbnails show on homepage; also how to select posts to show in featured slider.

    Help me fix these problems, visit my blog you will see the problems yourself

  3. TRIGYY says:

    i have problem with my website trigyy.com.

    i have problem with thumbnail images. How to make thumbnails show on homepage.? how to fix it?

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  5. Herba Nabawi says:

    Hi, is it true that thumbnails don’t appear if I download wp-clear freely? So, I have to pay officially at Solostream to get my thumbnails problem in wp-clear correct?

    Please help me. Thanks in advance

    • Alicia says:

      Hi Herba,
      Usually premium themes which you can download freely from other websites are injected with malicious codes, with bad intentions. And sometimes these themes might have problems like missing files, or out-dated files.

      So, my advise is, do not download and use these themes.

      If you want free themes, only download them from the official themes site, which is http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/

      For premium themes, please only get them from the official theme sites.

  6. Khan says:

    To all Webmasters, I recently have installed wp-clear theme but it is not showing any sample as well as featured images!! plzz tell me the reason why it is happening with me? Will be thankful to all of you people!

    • Alicia says:

      Hello Khan,
      Please let us know where we can see your website with wp-clear theme installed? You can also ask this on the developer’s website to get direct support from them. Thanks.

      • Mike Durkin says:

        Hi Alicia,

        I’m happy to respond on your site. We are a long time provider of WordPress themes and have been a major supporter of the WordPress community. Since we offer our themes under the GPL, we require all customers to purchase a license in order to access support. If this individual has purchased the theme from Solostream, all he has to do is log into our forum and ask his question.

        • Alicia says:

          Hi Mike,
          Thanks for dropping by. I am sure this will give many readers and Solostream supporters a lot of confidence in your themes.

          Thanks, Mike!

  7. rubel says:

    template is excellent! category don’t show on my website. please help me about this problem.

  8. hussain says:

    Simply amazing theme… going to use it soon.

  9. Thumbnails are not working for me pleae help me.