30 November 2013
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Full screen WordPress theme from ThemeTrust – Baylie

ThemeTrust has recently announced the release of their new theme, Baylie. According to the designer, Baylie is a “multipurpose agency theme with a full screen parallax slideshow”. What this means is that Baylie is a corporate theme that is designed to suit various types of business, creative agencies like designers and artists as well as freelancers looking for a portfolio theme.

What makes this theme extra special is that it uses the parallax effect in its slideshow. The parallax effect happens when layered images are moved at different speeds and thus creating a 3D illusion of depth.

Baylie WordPress Theme


While keeping to their tradition of clean and straight forward themes, ThemeTrust did create Baylie with some extra features. However, you are given the ability to have them or disable these functions.

Instead of the “regular” business theme which so often consists of a slider, portfolio and some text columns, Baylie provides a more modern design and incorporates a well-balanced combination of multimedia and text contents. Scrolling down, you will also notice that the various sections are displayed seamlessly!

  • Full Screen Parallax Slide Show

    The first thing that strikes you would of course be the full screen parallax slide show. Images are displayed in full screen format, thus immediately grabbing your visitors’ attention. You can optionally insert links on the sliders to ease navigation and bring interested parties to the respective pages.

  • Portfolio

    Next, visitors will see your portfolio section where you can use it to display all your best products or services. You can easily add relevant images and link them to their respective pages. These images are displayed as thumbnails and in grid view. However, ThemeTrust has added some effects where when visitors mouseovere these images, a hyperlinked text of these images will appear.

  • Customized Text

    Next is a text area where you can customize it to introduce your company or yourself and what you do. This is where you pitch your sales or explain your expertise. Highlight your important information with large and stylish fonts and your visitors will be able to notice them quickly.

  • Static Header

    Baylie’s homepage can be rather long with so many sections all on the homepage. While it’s great to have all these information seamlessly displayed on the same page, navigation may be a problem. Therefore, the designer has added a static header where a navigation bar is used to help visitors navigate their way around much easily.

  • Other Sections

    There are a few other sections that you can add onto your homepage if deemed relevant like the blog section, the “our clients” and testimonials, social media network links, photo stream and recent posts. Just simply add or disable them from your control panel.

  • Responsive

    Of course, Baylie is a responsive theme. Most new themes these days are responsive especially with the increasing number of people using all kinds of devices to browse the Internet (mobile phones, tables and laptops).

    Being responsive means that Baylie will automatically adjust itself to fit into your visitors’ browser size. And that also means that your visitors will have an optimal viewing experience without the need to constantly scroll or resize the webpages.

    For example, the portfolio section is shown as a 3-column grid on a desktop but when viewed using a smartphone, Baylie automatically reposition these images to fit into a 2-column grid! Pretty cool, I must admit.

Theme preview

Other notable features

  • Slideshow Shortcode

    These codes allow you to create slideshow on any page and not just the usual homepage slider.

  • Theme Options

    You can make changes to your theme design via the options panel.

  • Custom Widgets

    There are a few widgets to help you customize your website easily.

  • Localization Support

    Like many of ThemeTrust’s themes, Baylie can help you translate your theme into your local language.

  • Logo Upload

    Baylie being an agency theme, has this feature to let you easily upload your own logos.

  • Button Shortcodes

    You can add stylish buttons anywhere including on the slider to help your visitors navigate more easily.

  • Google Web Fonts

    Choose from Google’s hundreds of open-sourced fonts.

  • Browser Compatibility

    Baylie has been tested on all modern browsers to ensure that your website appears properly on them.

Who is Baylie suitable for?

So who would find Baylie a great theme to work with? Well, Baylie is so flexible that anyone can have fun with it.

But those who will greatly benefit from Baylie’s design and layout are those who would like a theme that can provide an impressive display for their main portfolio images, products or services on the homepage. Because of Baylie’s multi sections homepage and multimedia features, items highlighted on the homepage get noticed rather quickly.

If the visitors are interested to know more about a particular item, he can then click on it to view more details. Baylie has been used (and praised) by businesses, service providers, freelancers, artists and even bloggers. So, we can definitely say that Baylie can be used for a variety of websites.

Theme testimonial

How much is the Bailey Theme?

ThemeTrust has priced all their themes very reasonably at $49 regardless of their features or design. For Bailey, this is a good price because you will be getting a high quality theme with lots of features.

ThemeTrust will also be providing you with lifetime support and updates. Should you ever get stuck while making changes to your theme or if you have a question regarding the theme say two years after purchasing it, don’t worry, you can always refer back to ThemeTrust for assistance!

The updates too will also provide you peace of mind when using the theme. You see, WordPress is constantly updating their software and releasing new versions. You will, of course, update your website right? So a theme that is not updated may not work as well as it would if it was used with a future WordPress release. This would cause you problems, like certain features not working properly and the need to buy a new theme! See where I am getting to?

Buy 1 get 1 free WordPress theme

So, $49 for the Bailey theme is definitely reasonable. But ThemeTrust is giving you more than what you are paying. They are offering you a “Buy 1 Free 1” deal! – you can purchase Bailey (or any other theme) and at the same time, choose another theme for free. So, essentially you are getting 2 themes for the price of one!


ThemeTrust’s Baylie is truly a multipurpose theme. Though ThemeTrust calls it an agency theme, I personally feel that it can be used for a variety of websites. With an amazing full screen parallax slideshow and multi section homepage, you are able to made big statements using eye-catchy images!

It’s a very modern theme with responsive layout and lots of features and options, both common and not-so-common ones.
The Baylie WordPress Theme is also very much affordable at $49 only. While it’s not the cheapest theme around, it is not an expensive theme either. But definitely beats hiring a professional web designer. For the features that you will be getting, it’s a good deal.

With the current “Buy 1 and Get 1 Free” offer, the price for one theme is halved i.e. $24.50 per theme. On top of the that, you get lifetime support and updates, which are very important. Don’t forget to enter the special code “1free” in order to redeem this special deal.

Check out the Baylie theme on ThemeTrust

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