12 October 2011
Elegant Themes
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Sky Theme from Elegantthemes – High Above the Pack

Elegantthemes is a website that provides WordPress template and themes. The site is owned by Nick Roach who himself develops the WordPress premium themes on his website. His first attempt at web designing came at the tender age of 13 when he designed a website for his 7th grade music band. Nick has come a long way since then. His works are now known for being simple and professional with a touch of elegance and style. He continues to strive to provide attractive and user-friendly WordPress templates that will help all of us to achieve our websites goals.

Sky WordPress theme

In particular, the Sky theme is a refreshingly simple template which is elegant and not distracting as visitors read the contents of your site. The header contrasts beautifully with the background in a stylish manner. A relaxing image, which is easy on the eyes, is used for the background, making viewers feel comfortable to stay longer on the website to browse and read the content.

The Sky theme is designed such that it allows your visitors to navigate around your site easily. More importantly, the Sky theme allows you to neatly organize the content on your website. The template also uses ajax to seamlessly load all content. Thus, the page load speed is lightning fast although you might have placed many pages in the “slider”, as each page is seamlessly loaded only when it is displayed. This feature makes the Sky theme perfect for people such as photographers and graphic designers who want to boast of their portfolio without having to worry that their website will load annoyingly slow. Bloggers as well as business owners who need to showcase their products and services stand to benefit from this fuss-free theme too!

Just like the other Elegantthemes templates, the Sky theme is flexible and user-friendly. Even if you do not have any knowledge or skills in design and web programming, you can still manage and customize your website on your own according to your preferences. For example, with the advanced ePanel theme options page, you can tweak and customize the theme and its various settings. There is also a large collection of shortcodes provided which allow you to create beautiful and complex layouts easily as you create and organize your posts.

The Sky theme has four basic features:

  1. Five unique colour schemes

    The theme comes with four different color variations that you can choose from to fit your personal taste. The colors available are blue, green, brown, yellow and purple.

  2. Gallery selection

    The Sky theme comes with a beautiful gallery section that integrates with the homepage’s dynamic content area.

  3. Automated thumbnail resizing

    This premium WordPress theme can automatically resize and generate thumbnail pictures. Therefore, only one image is required per post despite the various sizes of thumbnails is used in the theme.

  4. Advertising management

    Advertisements are handled from within wp-admin and can be turned on and off at any time, allowing you to manage your advertisements easily. You can place 125×125 banner images in your sidebar and 468×60 ads in your pages easily with the Sky theme.

Elegantthemes will provide great customer service and support in the event that you encounter any problems during the installation of your theme. Support is given through the support forum where you can post your queries and questions. The forum is very user-friendly and active. It is categorized according to the individual themes, making it easier for you to post and follow up on your queries.

To get the Sky theme from Elegantthemes, you must first become a member of the Elegantthemes website. Registering as a member is easy and cheap. There is an annual fee of $69 for the unlimited use of all the 87 themes currently available and the future ones released in the same year of signing up! The annual fee charged is certainly well worth it as you would get unrestricted access to all Elegantthemes themes. Website owners looking for functional templates which have great designs and are user-friendly are recommended to check out Elegantthemes and be part of its members’ community! Oh, they provide 30-day Money Back Guarantee too!

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