25 September 2011
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Simple Business WordPress Theme

The conventional design philosophy for business orientated WordPress themes tends to gravitate towards an austere, clean-cut yet functional outlook. Business users want their websites to be as sleek and to the point as is practically possible, not to burden the sightline of potential customers with unnecessary extras. If you are such a user and are searching for an affordable WordPress theme to give your website a new look, rest assured that the LeanBiz WordPress theme is as conventional as they come.

Simple business WordPress theme

If you are looking for indications to suggest the nature of the theme, the name itself would be a good place to start. As its name postulates, LeanBiz is a lean, mean theme; designed to carry the minimum amount of firepower that is necessary to get the work done. Nevertheless, that is not to say that LeanBiz is weak in terms of features. A simple analogy seems to be called for. Just as every BMW car manufactured by the German carmaker promises to deliver the Ultimate Driving Experience, every theme from ElegantThemes offers the same webpage superiority.

Simply put, the LeanBiz theme is to ElegantThemes, what the 1 Series is to BMW. Without further ado, let us take a look at what the LeanBiz has to offer and whether or not it detracts from the overall user experience which users of ElegantThemes have come to expect.

Basically, despite not including any features worth shouting about, LeanBiz manages to deliver all the essential tools for the any business user. For example, it comes with:

  • A total of four color schemes

    Quite a difference from the capabilities some other themes from ElegantThemes deliver yet how many color options does the average business user really need? You will ultimately be focusing on the strength of your products and services and also produce good quality articles rather than the color scheme of your webpage.

  • Alternative blog-style structure and thumbnails management

    For those who had just entered the entrepreneurship pathway and appreciate the familiarity of a traditional blogging style, the freedom to shy away from page-based structure is relieving. Novices also do not have to worry about managing thumbnail pictures as there is an automated system to handle just that. The theme will automatically generate all the necessary thumbnail pictures which the theme requires.

  • Generate revenue through advertisements!

    The advertising industry has always been a lucrative one; especially for companies which maintain an online presence or for popular business blogs. Facebook for instance generates the bulk of its revenue through advertisements placed on its website. With LeanBiz, you do not need to worry about missing your share of the pie. 125×125 banner images and 468×60 ads can be posted on your sidebar and posts with ease; managing ads have never been easier!

  • Full compatibility with major browsers

    This one would seem like a no-brainer as you probably expect all round compatibility to be a default. You will be surprised at the number of themes available which does not support Netscape or Safari. With LeanBiz, you can be sure that your website is reaching its maximum audience; whether or not they are using Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Opera or Firefox. Hey, this simple business WordPress theme also displays perfectly on mobile browsers!

  • Threaded comments

    User feedback is extremely important for businesses or websites looking to provide the ultimate user experience. With the threaded comment feature that comes integrated with LeanBiz, stay connected with your customers or users with ease!

Being a creation of ElegantThemes, LeanBiz enjoys the quality support service that highly experienced tech staff provide through their support forum. You can also interact and chat with other ElegantTheme users. You never need to worry that your website will be outdated as there will be constant software updates from ElegantThemes and the theme will be always be compatible with the latest WordPress versions.

Whether you are the kind of person who enjoys a hands-on approach in designing your website or prefer a prefabricated template to make your life just that wee bit easier, LeanBiz is a great choice to use! ePanel theme options and page templates are available to help; whichever way you like to do things. Best of all, comprehensive localization services have also been included; vastly simplifying translation work for your design!

Unlimited WordPress themes

LeanBiz and other themes from ElegantThemes are available for the extremely attractive price of $69. At the price, you get access to each and every theme in the company’s collection and even use of further themes in the development pipeline. Considering the high rates web designers are commanding these days, there can be no better bargain in the market.

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