26 December 2011
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Responsive WordPress Theme – Evolution

If you have not guessed it by now, I truly enjoyed reviewing WordPress themes very much and look forward to every new theme that is being released, especially from Nick and his team at Elegant Themes (ET). I truly admire them for their seemingly endless creativity. With more than 87 themes to their credit, you would have thought that they have covered almost all the different type of themes that you can think of. But nope, this team is still delivering their promise of 2 – 3 new themes every month and each one of them are elegantly created and are unique designed. Amazing!

Evolution Theme

One of their recent themes that I like and one that I think comes at the right time too is the Evolution WordPress Theme. Design wise, Evolution is a simple and classic theme. The wow factor is in its ability. For Evolution is Elegant Theme’s first completely responsive design theme. And by that, it is meant that the theme is able to adapt to different screen sizes automatically without having you to install separate browser detection plugins to make your websites compatible with mobile or tablet browsing. Heck, you don’t even need to re-load the page to get it to resize to fit in the different screens sizes. Pretty intelligent theme here. No wonder there have been many positive testimonials from Elegant Theme’s users so far.

Simple Yet Powerful WordPress Theme

Actually, fully responsive themes have been getting popular lately and I am glad that Elegant Themes has come up with one that balances simplicity in design with cutting edge technology. This release is timely as there have been lots of requests for a theme that provides readers the best experience they could ever hope for, one that has the ability to recognize and automatically adapts its size to fit the screen if the readers’ browser be it on PCs, smart phones or tablets. The Evolution is ET’s answer to these requests.

Evolution has four flexible layouts and each of them is triggered at different screen resolutions. Thus, your readers would be able to view your website’s layout as you had originally designed without having to manually adjust e.g. to zoom in and out or to scroll up and down. With more and more people surfing using smart phones and tablets these days, your readers will thank you for the convenience.

One quick way of understanding how this work is to change your browser’s window as you preview this theme. You can see that the preview immediately changes its size to fit your browser’s size.

What Types of Website Suit This Theme?

Well, with such clean design, you can use this theme for quite a variety of websites. But because of the fully responsive feature, I think it is ideal for e-commerce websites as well as professional blogs e.g. news and technology blogs compared to say, a photography gallery. I mean, I could foresee many of these websites’ (e-commerce and professional blogs) readers would be logging onto these websites via different gadgets and thus, make full use of the fully responsive function.

Of course, this premium WordPress theme also comes with a full load of other features (which are rather standard in all Elegant Themes’ themes) such as content slider, alternative color styles, optional blog style structure, advertisement management module, shortcodes and much more.

Responsive WordPress theme


So what do you think? Interested to know more about it? You could always hop over to their preview page for a feel of how it looks like firsthand and see if it fits your website’s contents. But you know what? Even if it does not, there are more than 87 other themes for you to choose from and there is surely a few, at the very least, that would suit your website.

All of these 87+ themes are yours for only $69 per annum. That’s only $5.75 per month for unlimited access to many themes… and with more to come, it’s definitely one of the best deal around.

What about support? Yes, Elegant Themes provide awesome support and continuous updates to make sure all their themes are fully compatible with the latest WordPress versions. No, you do not need to pay extra for these services. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned webmaster, the support forum is a treasure of advices so you don’t have to worry about getting lost!

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