31 August 2011
Elegant Themes
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Magazine Style WordPress Theme

Let’s face it. Despite having been advised not to judge a book by its cover or a person by their looks, we still do so. And we will definitely form an opinion of a blog based on its layout and theme. It will take us 5 seconds or probably less to decide whether we like a blog or not. And then only will we focus on the blog content. After all, first impression counts, doesn’t it?

Aggregate WordPress Theme

We recall that in the not so distant past, when blogging was still a new idea, finding a suitable theme for a blog was such a daunting task for there were not many theme to choose from, let alone interesting ones. Fast forward to current day, finding a suitable theme is still daunting but for a totally opposite reason. There are so many WordPress themes and templates around that you may have trouble deciding which ones to go for! But here is one that we really like, for its combination of clearness and flexibility, i.e the Aggregate WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes.

Best Magazine Theme

If you are searching for a magazine styled theme for your blog, then you have to check this out. This fixed width theme has content and widgets ready sections for easy and speedy customization of layout according to the your taste. This is great news for those without any HTML or PHP skills. And you know how some blogs seemed to have widgets all over the place giving a rather messy impression? Well, it is not the case here.

Magazine style theme

Aggregate theme, managed to display its widgets and advertisement areas neatly and thus, strike a good balance of space allocation between content, widgets and advertisements. Click here to Preview Aggregate Theme

Features are separated into basic and advanced. Let’s have a look at some of the features.

Features at a Glance

  • Unlimited Color Scheme

    Aggregate has a number of attractive background color schemes to choose from, for example blue, green, red and black. On top of that, there is a color panel that allows you to further customize the background color and textures as well as the font colors to provide unlimited possibility to form a more personalized theme.

  • Dozens of Fonts

    The user is also allowed to choose different combinations of fonts for the header and the content. And with dozens of fonts to choose from, it can help to create a unique feel to the theme. For example if you are writing something serious, you may want a strong font for the header and a clear font for the content.

  • Advertising Management

    For those of you who plan to monetize your blog, this magazine theme brings good news. From 125×125 banner images at the sidebar to 468×60 ads at your post pages to leaderboards at the bottom just before the footer, there are many “hot” locations for you to place your advertisements. You can manage these advertisements easily and they can be turned on and off at any time.

The following are some advanced features which are only found exclusively in Elegant Themes.

  • ePanel Theme Options

    Now, with ePanel customization tool, adjusting the theme is so simplified and user friendly. You can be in total control over your theme from this admin area. At the click of the mouse, changes can be instantly made and saved! No programming knowledge is needed whatsoever!

  • Support and Updates

    Since this is a premium theme, you would be right to request for support services and also updates whenever there is one, e.g when there is a newer version of WordPress. You can be assured that there will be support should you need to migrate your website over to a newer version of Aggregate.

  • Other Features

    There are so many other great features what we do not have space to explain them in detail here. You can visit Elegant Themes’s website to find out more.

    1. Automated thumbnail resizing
    2. Optional blog-style structure
    3. Custom widgets
    4. Ready-made page templates
    5. Shortcodes collection
    6. Complete localization

While some of you may lament that the Aggregate theme seemed rigid in the sense that it does not allow changes to the overall layout, do bear in mind that the theme is for those of us who are seeking a stress-free theme. The aim of this theme is to eliminate the need to build a theme from scratch and to provide an easier alternative for those who wish to have a great theme but lack the necessary skills to create one on their own.

Preview this Magazine Style Theme

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