18 August 2011
Elegant Themes
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Feather – Elegant Themes Review

Anyone of us who have visited a shopping mall and invariably ended up making unnecessary purchases are all unknowing victims of retail psychology. From the signs at the entrance (almost always red/yellow in color) to the items on display, each and every detail have been meticulously planned with only a single purpose in mind; to entreat the average Joe (in other words, us) to enter, linger, purchase and return.

Elegant Themes

Intelligent bloggers familiar with these tricks of the trade know enough to do the same with their blogs. Studies have shown that the first 8 seconds in which a user first catches sight of a blog are very crucial in determining whether they will continue reading or hit the Back key. In other words, the first impression that a blog gives to a reader is of critical importance. There are of course rare, unusual sites in a league of their own who can dispense with such trivialities based on the sheer strength of the services/products they are providing. Craigslist is a prime example. However, since not all bloggers have the same magnetic attraction for readers to come of their own accord, a little more attention have to be paid to the design of the blog.

Free WordPress Themes

The trick is to find the best value for your money. Free WordPress theme sites work well if you have a low budget. However, they are not free without a reason and if you are the type who wishes to convey a sense of professionalism through your blog, chances are that you would be left sorely disappointed. Web designers are able to deliver impressive designs although at $800-$3500 a pop, they don’t come cheap. This is where Elegant Themes come into the picture.

Elegant Themes

At just $69 compared to other premium theme clubs that charge up to $500, members acquire unlimited access and use to all 87 themes available, including the Feather WordPress theme that would be reviewed below. There are 2-3 more in the pipeline and the owner (Nicky Roach) typically releases 1-2 designs per month.

The Feather WordPress Theme

Feather WordPress Theme

Preview Feather WordPress Theme

This is a typical high quality theme from Elegant Themes that features all the features and qualities that you will find to be standard in Nicky Roach’s design. Every miniscule detail from the color scheme to the font types is taken into consideration, giving users the freedom to tweak and customize their sites to their liking. For a subdued design giving off the understated professional look, this would be a perfect choice.

Below, let us check out some of the notable features available with this design.

  • A plethora of color schemes

    With the ability to make adjustments to background and font colors, along with dozens of background textures to choose from, the user can come up with endless combinations and permutations just for the color choice of their website/blog.

  • Dozens of fonts

    Feather grants you numerous font options to pick from, along with the ability to adjust the header and body text independently.

  • Optional blog style structure

    Although initially designed to be a CMS (content management system) with a page-based structure, the theme can also be run like a normal blog.

  • Automated thumbnail resizing

    Despite varying thumbnail sizes being used in the theme, only one picture is required per post. This is because the theme can automatically resize and generated the necessary thumbnail images. Fully automated image feature!

  • Advertising Management

    125×125 banner images can be placed in your sidebar while 468×60 ads can be displayed on your post pages easily. Advertisements handling is done from within the WordPress Dashboard, and can be turned on and off at any given time.

Excellent WordPress Theme

The Feather WordPress theme also includes a few advanced features. Let’s briefly discuss them below.

  • ePanel theme options

    ePanel gives you complete control over the various settings of your theme, granting the ability to make endless tweaks to your website/blog.

  • Shortcodes collection

    Shortcodes simplify the design and organization of your posts. Functionality and variety of your content can be vastly improved with the large collection of shortcodes at your disposal.

  • Page templates

    Page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-designed layouts and utilities. An individual page can be applied with different templates, altering the way it looks and functions to create new and exciting forms of content.

  • Complete localization

    Localization makes translation a walk in the park. By making use of the theme’s MO and PO files, the design can be swiftly translated without having to hunt through the theme’s PHP files to change each word.

  • Excellent support and updates

    Elegant Themes provides top level support to their theme users. This gives you ease of mind regarding the longevity of the theme you have chosen. As long as you remain a member of Elegant Themes, you can be assured that your theme will always be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and assistance will always be given by their tech support staff.

There are many reasons why I took a special liking to the Feather theme from Elegant Themes. The pricing is one of the deal breakers as the price of $69 for unlimited usage is unmatched by any other worthy theme designers! More importantly, Feather’s design is slightly more subtle and elegant when placed in comparison with a lot of other themes. This exudes an aura of professionalism without drawing the reader’s attention from the core element of your website or blog; its content!

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6 responses on “Feather – Elegant Themes Review

  1. Nice template! The pricing seems cool too! 🙂

  2. nick says:

    Nice wp theme. Simplistic and user friendly design!

  3. Cool template..Thanks for sharing !!

  4. Alfie Bud says:

    A late comment here: Feather looks great and is fairly easy to use. I have it for my blog.

    Only problems are that the slider seems to have random glitches (a lot of queries on this on Elegant’s forum) and there does not appear to be a ‘follow’ widget as far as I can see which is a major fault if I’m right on this.

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