3 September 2011
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Envisioned – WordPress Theme with Versatile Multimedia Features

Whether you are a professional photographer looking for the right theme to showcase your portfolio online, or just a college kid who wants a better than usual way to post your photos, chances are that Envisioned WordPress Theme will be more than enough to do the job. Blessed with the most powerful gallery features that Elegant Themes has to offer and yet included in the one-time price of $69 that Elegant Themes’ users only need to pay for ALL of their themes, Envisioned offers good bang for the buck! Elegant Themes is the ideal choice for those on a tight budget.

Envisioned WordPress theme

As you might have probably gathered from its name, the conceptualization of the theme was relatively visionary in the process. Although still maintaining the same basic features and webpage managing options that Elegant Themes‘ users have come to know and trust, the designers for Envisioned managed to integrate cutting-edge multimedia features into the framework of the theme. Because of that, users are able to create versatile and functional web layouts which fully reflect their multimedia background.

Is this the WordPress theme you should opt for? Let us take a further look into what it has to offer.

Envisioned theme

Being the flagship multimedia theme from Elegant Themes does have its advantage. It confers onto it certain features and goodies that otherwise might not have been included. Existing features which are present in other themes are also improved in Envisioned. For example, there are:

  • 5 colour schemes to choose from!

    Being more artistically inclined than the rest of the general populace, photographers and/or other people who are likely to choose Envisioned for its multimedia capabilities need more color schemes to pick from than the average blogger. Unlike general bloggers and business users whose core content is dominated by their products and services, photographers and photo bloggers place larger emphasis on the aesthetic features of their web posts. As such, multiple color choices are a must!

  • Thumbnail sizing management and choice of page templates

    Despite being more likely to tinker with the multimedia oriented aspects of the themes, there are nevertheless instances when users do not feel like bothering with details that are too miniscule in nature. Elegant Themes recognize this need in their users and have provided ways to resolve the issue. There is a large choice of page templates that you can choose to modify and tweak to suit your own personal needs. With Envisioned, you also do not need to worry about resizing thumbnails as there is an automated feature to handle the task.

  • ePanel theme options and shortcodes collection

    For those moments when you feel like exerting more control over the more menial details of your website, ePanel allow you to do so through the advanced theme option page. Organizing and managing your posts have also never been easier with the shortcodes collection provided by Elegant Themes.

  • Optimized for all browsers and systems

    Elegant Themes know that they enjoy a large diverse user base which range from hippy Mac users to frugal, everyday PC people. It is therefore of importance to ensure all these people are able to use Envisioned optimally regardless of their choice of operating systems or browsers. Elegant Themes is thus 100% compatible and displays great on browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and even Netscape!

Photography WordPress theme

Advertising has become a major industry and companies as well as individuals who maintain an online presence are often able to generate a reasonable revenue or income (provided that their websites have a good number of visitors). Envisioned offers us an easy and convenient advertisement management module, so that we can concentrate on the content of our sites instead.

Check out the complete list of features offered by this theme on Elegant Themes official website.

We leave the design and the technical of our sites to Elegant Themes while we concentrate on writing good and search-engine-optimized content.

Localization is also a simple task with this theme as users no longer need to search through the theme’s PHP files to change each word or sentence. Users familiar with the more ubiquitous structure of a normal blog can also stick with it as Envisioned offer them the choice between a CMS page-based structure or that of a conventional blog.

Last but not least, Elegant Themes offer us constant support and updates from the best tech staff available; thus insuring the longevity of their themes. They also have one of the most active WordPress theme support forum where we can interact with the designers as well as other users. Do check out Elegant Themes website to find out more about their themes!

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